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There are some musicians who contrary to popular norms prefer to lurk behind the curtains, actively choosing to elude publicity. They are quite a few of these musicians who are time and time again responsible for a classic beat. But great talents cannot remain hidden and we have seen a trend where in many producers have slowly but surely seized the spotlight of not only mainstream hip hop but also the pop charts. The music scene has seen one man shows coming to the fore which are proving a fact that underground hip-hop fans have been familiar with: A talented producer can also make his mark here. Well, think RJD2 and nothing more remains to be said of this aspect. This musician is now on tour so get your tickets to his live acts which will captivate you with his brand of hip hop.

RJD2 plays a kind of music that is a collage of hip hop of the cut-and-paste variety. But he manages to combine largely disparate elements to make moody and soulful portrait of the world. This dynamic singer was born on May 27, 1976 in Eugene, OR, following which his family moved to Columbus, OH, where he was raised. The Hip –Hop scene saw his electrifying debut in 1998, a year and a time when many producers were emerging from the curtains to stake their claim for the spotlight. RJD2 was at that point of time was the DJ cum producer for Megahertz a Columbus-based group. He produced two 12" singles for MHz which was release by Fondle ‘Em Records, owned by Bobbito Garcia. The album and the group became so popular that they found a mention in "History of Hip-Hop", brought out by vibe magazine.
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Jan 3 Wed 8:00 PM RJD2 Brooklyn Bowl - NY
Brooklyn, NY
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Jan 27 Sat 9:00 PM RJD2 Ogden Theatre
Denver, CO
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The new millennium saw RJD2 producing Copywrite's debut single, "Holier than Thou" in 2000, which came out in Rawkus Records. Spring 2001 was the definitive year in RJD2's career as he appeared for the very first time on the Def Jux Presents… compilation. His first formal appearance proved beyond doubt that he could stand apart alongside such talents like El-P, Cannibal Ox, Aesop Rock, and Company Flow. Dead Ringer, his debut album released in 2002 on Def Jux and was regarded as one of the foremost underground hip-hop releases of the year. The album was highly appreciated for its melding of a classic approach and dirty samples as far as song structure was concerned. This album heralded the arrival of RJD2 and was looked up to as someone who could (and he did) give DJ Spooky, Moby, and DJ Shadow a run for their money. His album We Last Spoke came out in 2004 to mixed reviews. He has provided production for Aceyalone's Magnificent city and Cage's Hell's Winter, alongside his top-billed recordings.

The objective of all producers is not just to make a crowd dance, but the ultimate objective is to make them feel and think. RJD2 does all this and more. Reason enough for your to go buy your ticket to RJD2 Live! at a venue near you.
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