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Rilo Kelly is one of those bands who are constantly evolving and scaling new heights. Their young career has seen them going all over the place literally, thematically, emotionally, and thematically, in a fanatical war against stagnation and predictability. Their brand new album underlines this fact, and ‘More Adventurous' is true to its name bringing to the fore the bands remarkable talent for integrating country music from the city, traditional pop from the future and all other manners of perfect oxymorons. These essentially are their stock in trade and if you want to have a taste of their wares then you must be a part of their live performance, which might just be happening at a venue near you. So go through the schedule and book your tickets through your online ticket vendor.

The acceptability and reach of the band as a popular act can be gauged from the rave reviews earned by their last album, "The Execution of All Things"; with positive reviews ranging from the New York Times to the Village Voice to the smallest of cut ‘n' paste ‘zines'. All these reviews have seen the band being applauded for their self assured impressiveness. Following the release of the album the band undertook a series of several far-reaching headlining tours crisscrossing the country and thus garnering a huge fan following. The ending of the tours, led to various side projects kicking in with band members like guitarist/singer Blake Sennett recording , releasing, and touring behind solo album titled "The Elected", and drummer Jason Boesel recording with Bright Eyes. There are bands that would have stopped to take a breather, or at the least soak up the event of couple years but not Rilo Kelly. They decided to go one up on their previous album and had just one goal in mind: This would be their best album yet. And they achieved this feat with aplomb as can be seen by the chart bursting success of ‘More Adventurous'.
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Rilo Kelly have now become the true constant in Indie rock, confident and dependable and their popularity can be gauged by the sell out crowd that greet all their live performances. But this has led to an ironical twist for Rilo Kelly; as the group becomes more and more popular the songs are getting more and more personal. It looks like they have a song for each and every individual member of their audiences, but the reality is that their songs have a universal appeal and anybody from any part of the world can use their songs right now. So if you want to listen to your song, and want to see an electrifying performance then book your tickets to the show of a life time: Go watch Rilo Kelly Live!
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