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Rickie Lee Jones is a hugely popular star; Rickie won the 1980's Grammy for Best New Artist on the scene. Rickie Lee Jones is acclaimed as one among the top 100 great Rock 'n' Roll artists of all times. Jones career begun in the early 1979 and this tremendous journey have been very well marked by her audacious musical leaps. 1979 was the great year of her sizzling audacious debut. Rickie has given some very memorable recordings such as "Flying Cowboys" in 1989, ''Pirates'' in1981, ''The Magazine'' in 1984, and hugely popular ''Ghostyhead'' in1997. ''Ghostyhead'' was her last superb foray into well accepted original songwriting. However, Rickie's performing output has rapidly continued unabated during recent years. Jones released well acclaimed ''It's Like This'' in 2000. Her stage presence has always been a huge treat to watch and one can see a huge demand for tickets, whenever Jones performs live. It was an inspired collection of well written cover songs. After some time she released her in-concert document ''Live At Red Rocks,''. During this time, she has done no composing and then she released ''The Evening Of My Best Day,'' has already made this absence only more agonising.

Jones took six long and creative years of songwriting sabbatical. If she was asked about it she heartily answers "I was preoccupied with life, and I was living in busy Washington, mostly tending a garden and raising my daughter.
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Mar 23 Fri 8:00 PM Rickie Lee Jones Chappaqua Performing Arts Center
Chappaqua, NY
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Mar 25 Sun 8:00 PM Rickie Lee Jones Blue Ocean Music Hall
Salisbury, MA
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Mar 28 Wed 8:00 PM Rickie Lee Jones Aura - ME
Portland, ME
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I had neither impetus nor inspiration to write. It was an empty slate and there was no sense that anything would ever be coming again." When she returned she said "I was listening. I was waiting. I was praying to be restored. And that's what happened. I feel powerful, now; Intact ready to heal the world." Rickie is not one of the famous passive artists. In fact the politics is very well sighted as one of the major reasons of her incredible comeback.

Rickie recounts "The election of George Bush, the passage of The Patriot Act; the monopolies of media and their misuse of language. I began to realize that someone had to speak up. There is a great tradition of protest music, from Woody Guthrie to Bob Dylan and I'm naive enough to believe that a song actually can change conditions. It's all about power and intention and my intention are to wake people up and shake them out of their lethargy. But you can't do it by yelling. You have to explain, to entertain. My constituency has always been outsiders and I think it's the outsiders who have a real chance of reclaiming this country." The soothing charm of Jones persists and her incredible voice is still going strong with the messages that Lee wants to give out. Listen to her breathtaking live music at one of her live shows. Just make sure you get the tickets for that collect your tickets from your online ticket vendor and be there.

Rickie Lee Jones (1979)
Pirates (1981)
Girl at Her Volcano (1983)
Flying Cowboys 1989
Traffic from Paradise (1993)
Naked Songs (1995)
Ghostyhead (1997)
It's Like This (2000)
Evening of My Best Day (2003)
Twelve Bar Past Midnight (2005)
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