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Richard Thompson is multitalented artist; he is a singer, songwriter and a superb guitar player. Richard Thompson is better known as the proud founding member of the famous Fairport Convention that is the part of British folk-rock ensemble. Richard Thompson's popular songs are mostly the incredible chronicles of the darker side of his life. Richard Thompson studied sensational classical guitar for two years while he was still in his early teens. Richard Thompson wrote the hugely popular ''Meet on the Ledge,'' for the reputed Fairport Convention; Fairport Convention remained as the band's most requested and fine tune. Richard's tremendous collections of songs also include the folk-rock ballad, and famous Genesis Hall.

Richard Thompson issued his sensational album ''Henry the Human Fly'' in 1972; this was his first release, after going solo in 1971. This was happened when he really started performing with his beloved wife Linda. The beautiful couple released their first album ''I Want To see The Bright Lights Tonight;" that was released in 1974. The couple together released six beautiful albums in all. Some well known people to Richard say that those were the very best years of his incredible musical life. The lovely couple eventually divorced in 1982. But before that they had already released the theduo's best "Shoot Out The Lights."
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Apr 4 Wed 7:30 PM Richard Thompson & Joan Shelley Birchmere Music Hall
Alexandria, VA
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Apr 6 Fri 8:00 PM Richard Thompson Matthews Theatre - McCarter Center
Princeton, NJ
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Richard Thompson is quite amazing when it really comes to the great music he plays, beautifully. Richard Thompson is also a hugely talented singer and his superb single CD encompassing funky styles ranging from cool hard rock to superb English traditional or even jazz. Richard is also the talented writer of numerous famous songs that have been duly recorded by the popular US Country & Western artists. The most amazing and notable among these tracks are Tear Stained Letter. Thomson is acclaimed as favorite both among his fans and critics. He was nicely place at number 19 by the great Rolling Stones and he was acclaimed as among 100 great guitarists of All Time, in 2003. Thomson has complied well formed two composed records featuring Fred Frith, John French, and Henry Kaiser under the hugely famous title French Frith Kaiser Thompson.

Richard has also appeared many times as a well acclaimed session musicians in albums by Suzanne Vega, Bonnie Raitt, and John Kirkpatrick. Richard has lately devised and eventually toured for his hugely famous show "1000 Years of Popular Music." This is a chronological trip through hugely popular music through the ages. The superb music is very well performed by Richard with singer and pianist Judith Owen also accompanied by a percussionist. His unusual music and different sort of beats makes him a superb entertainer of a different class. If you want to experience his music, just get your tickets from your on-line ticket vendor and be there.

Henry The Human Fly 1972
Live! (more or less) 1976
Strict Tempo! 1981
Hand Of Kindness1983
Small Town Romance 1984
Across A Crowded Room 1985
Daring Adventures1986
Amnesia 1988
Rumor And Sigh 1991
Watching The Dark 1993
Mirror Blue1994
you? me? us? 1996
Mock Tudor 1999
Action Packed 2001
The Old Kit Bag 2003
Live From Austin, TX 2005
Front Parlor Ballads 2005
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