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Richard Lewis, a hugely popular comedian was born in Brooklyn, NYC, he is acclaimed as a multitalented and vibrant artist; though Lewis was raised in suburbs of Englewood, New Jersey, he quickly moved to other parts of the country. Richard Lewis had a sort of superb comic sense since his early childhood. Lewis studied in the reputed Dwright Morrow High School and excellently graduated from the reputed Ohio State University in 1969. Lewis earned a first class degree in marketing and communications.
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Richard Lewis begun his incredible career by writing a simple ad copy in New Jersey; and with a good pace at the same time he was also writing hugely humorous jokes for many known comedians likes of Morty Gunty. Lewis's uncanny ability of sensible humor got its first big break in 1971, at a famous New York's show that was named as "Improvisation and Pips;" this hugely popular show really proved as a great boost to inspire Richard. After this Richard got an big opportunity to perform in the hugely popular Johnny Carson's Tonight Show in 1974 and really climbed the amazing heights of fame. Then, Lewis started his thorough tours and superb acts with the reasonable and timely help from Robert Klein and David Brenner. Richard Lewis's famous film "Diary of a Young Comic;" was aired in the hugely popular show "Saturday Night Live timeslot." This immensely talented comedian has also bagged a nomination for the highly prestigious American Comedy Awards, as a superb "Funniest Male Performer" in an incredible Television Special for HBO. Richard's exceptional works include "I'm Doomed" this incredible show also won him a reputed "Second Ace Nomination" for his superb and exceptional ability as a sensational, "Best Stand-Up Comic." Richard Lewis is known as a consistent performer who really continued to give his best. Richard's superb "Magical Misery Tour" was a tremendous hit and this tour was filmed at the famous NY's Bottom Line in early December of 1996. This extremely talent and shrewd comedian is performing live; so if you are planning to be there just get your tickets from an online ticket vendor to avoid the huge rush for tickets.
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