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Richard Jeni is always one of these guys whom you know would love to bust out of doing stand-up comedy but seems forever doomed to prowl its stages. He's a pretty good comedian, too, full of insightful bluster and tart-tongued incredulity. What he lacks is the kind of charismatic shtick that might lend itself to landing a sitcom deal.

Jeni has been around seemingly forever, having made his HBO debut in 1988 on a "Young Comedians Show." For those keeping track, that was more than 16 years ago. His direct and uncluttered approach hasn't changed much since. And that's fine. The guy is smooth and observationally sharp. If Jeni has a notable flaw, it is that he too often satirizes the obvious rather than traveling the comedic road less traveled. HBO specials, thus, might wind up being as good as it gets for the guy. Not that there's anything wrong with that. It's simply that you know he wants to be Jerry Seinfeld in his next life.

Well-seasoned in a cross-platform variety of film, television and live performance, comedian Richard Jeni has continued to tackle new projects with distinctive talent and craft.

Since his first major movie role in the blockbuster hits, "The Mask" and his own TV series based on his award-winning HBO Special, a sold out attraction across the country, Jeni has been game for new territory.

Jeni starred in the satirical feature, "Burn Hollywood Burn: An Alan Smithee Film." In addition, he was seen on 10,000 movie screens across the country in a series of Coca-Cola commercials. In the fall of 1997, he starred in his fourth one hour comedy special for HBO entitled "A Good Catholic Boy." All in all, 1997 was a busy year for him. There was the release of his first comedy CD, "Richard Jeni's Greatest Bits," The Movie Channel original feature "National Lampoon's Dad's Week Off" with Henry Winkler and he hosted The Learning Channel infotainment series "What A World," where he was nominated for a CableAce Award as Best Magazine Host.

He received his first CableAce Award in the category of Best Stand-up Comedy Special. The HBO Special, "Richard Jeni: Platypus Man," ventured into such areas as: safe sex in the 90's, the art of buying the ultimate car and the mind-numbing power of love songs.

Throughout these demanding productions, Jeni has continued to earn top honors as both performer and writer in his familiar neighborhood of stand-up comedy. Having been named 1993's "Best Male Stand-up Comic" by the American Comedy Awards, Jeni won a second CableAce Award for his writing on A&E's "Caroline's Comedy Hour," which he also hosted.
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Jeni also scored with his feature film debut in New Line Cinema's blockbuster, "The Mask." He co-starred as 'Charlie,' best friend and sidekick to Jim Carrey, an ordinary guy transformed into an indestructible, wise-cracking superior by a mysterious, ancient mask. Says Jeni, "Think of an Italian Barney Rubble."

Jeni's native territory is Brooklyn, New York. He vividly recalls that street fights, alcohol, and drugs were a way of life, and to survive he quickly developed a style of his own with dead-on imitations and comedy routines.

A mathematics wizard with a penchant for political analysis, Jeni combined these skills and graduated with honors as a double major in political science and economics from Hunter College. Following a couple of stints in "junior executive"-type jobs, Jeni's overwhelming, inescapable call came in 1982 when comedy eventually won out, and he took his act to an open-mike night in Brooklyn. His unique blend of street-smarts and scholarship was finally realized in his hilarious truth-based observations on the human condition.

His accomplishments in television have been consistent with his rising profile. He began in 1986 with a few minutes on Showtime's "Just for Laughs" international comedy festival broadcast. This was followed by Showtime's "Triple Crown of Comedy." Showtime gave Jeni his first half-hour solo special in 1989. "Richard Jeni: The Boy From New York City" was a blockbuster for the cable channel, and he received his first CableAce nomination. Subsequently, Showtime gave him a rare one-hour in 1991. "Richard Jeni - Crazy From The Heat" garnered outstanding ratings as well as rave reviews.

He has been a guest on just about every major talk show. He won a Clio Award in 1989 for his character in a series of commercials for the Milk Association and was again highly visible in the memorable series of off-beat Certs commercials. Presently, he is the distinct voice behind the Office Max spots.

Though he is now accustomed to California living in his stylish L.A. pad, this transplanted New Yorker maintains a busy schedule touring the country with his live performances. With a keen ear for dialogue, a remarkable talent for observational comedy and an impeccable sense of timing, Jeni continues to pioneer the comedic frontier with his own sharp brand of cutting-edge humor.

Throughout the 90's, awards and accolades continued to pile up and Richard's growing popularity was making him a sold-out attraction in concert venues. A particular thrill was when George Carlin handed Richard the American Comedy Award for "Best Male Stand-up" on ABC TV. He hosted A&E's "Caroline's Comedy Hour" for two years and the show won the Cable ACE Award for "Best Stand-Up Comedy Show". He hosted the infotainment series "What A World" for The Learning Channel and was nominated for "Best Magazine Host". He became a popular guest on all the major talk shows while sprinkling in stints as a sardonic and hilarious correspondent for "Entertainment Tonight".
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