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A new kind of hip-hop has been introduced by REHAB and is different from what you hear. So book your tickets now.

Rehab was formed by Danny Boone and Brooks Buford. Both of them became friends not in a school but at a rehabilitation center. They were both recovering from alcohol and drugs. They met at a local rehab facility and became fast friends. They found out that they both had passion for music and hailed from the same region Atlanta. They decided to form an original brand of rocked-out rap. They named their band, surprisingly, Rehab. At present, Rehab has been noticed for its unique musical style. All their music is based on a lifetime as well as some of those experiences that promises to change your life forever. Their music is entirely different from all those hip-hop counterparts. They have tried to project the dark place where only a few addicted people have had the courage and strength to go- the ups and downs of rehabilitation. Both of them still feel, that in spite of your well-wishers and family try to do, addiction is still untreatable. Well, Rehab's addiction is to produce straight-up, something different type of hip-hop rock music. They continued to perform in and around the areas in Atlanta.

Although they set a new kind of hip-hop music, but it was not a bed of roses for them, when the question of recording came up. The trip to music industry was a very strenuous one and it seemed to them that no really cared to even listen to them. But it didn't discourage them. They continued unabated in their pursuits. Many people advised them that they are just wasting their precious time. But it did not deter them. There is a saying that if at first you don't succeed try, try, try again and suddenly, they found that at last luck smiled upon them and they were being signed to a major record label, Epic. It was certainly a beautiful surprise them. They started creating music in Atlanta which was the place for the southern styled hip-hop. They were influenced by Run DMC, The Beastie Boys and Slick Rick.. Although their music is somewhat dark as they have gone through some of the bad phase of their life, but they believe that their music is like true art and depicts the personal experiences of the artists.
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Mar 17 Sat 8:00 PM Rehab Scout Bar - Houston
Houston, TX
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They released their first single, featuring Goodie Mob, "Stormchaser". In this single they describes about people who tries to run away from everything, that is their problems, issues and things like that, that needs the immediate attention. Their's first Epic Cd release is their rebellious answer to the society, who try to hide behind causes. In 2000 they released their debut album Southern Discomfort on the Sony label, in it they have mixed rap with rock.. The album was, modern rock hit "It Don't Matter" and sold over 140 thousand units. Cee-Lo, Goodie Mob, and Cody ChesnuTT are some of the guests who have featured in the album. After some time Brooks left the band and four veteran musicians were recruited for a new Rehab. They were Mike Hartnett in guitar, Hano Leathers as the bassist,Chris Hood as the drummer, Foz as the guitarist. With the new band Rehab signed up with Arshid Entertainment and released their next album "Graffiti the World" in the year 2005.

REHAB, feels that there is no boundary in art and their's hip-hop, which will fascinate you. Book your tickets now.

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