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The Reggae Cowboys was formed in 1993 when Stone Ranger and Algernon Delano Rabess aka Clickmasta Sync who were old acquaintances, joined forces in Toronto, Canada. Later, Keith Evanson and Alex (Sty) Larocque were add into the team. Their shows are quite a success and tickets for their shows are a huge sell out.
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The Reggae Cowboys are based in Toronto, Canada. Stone Ranger heads the band as the songwriter, vocalist, lead guitarist, and producer. He is also proficient in playing the drums and the keyboard. At the age of twelve he started playing drums professionally on recording sessions and tours throughout the Caribbean. In his early teens itself, he moved over to Paris to play rock, zouk and jazz. With 'Coce Dominique' he scored a number one hit throughout France and the Caribbean. The artist has shared stage with noted Canadian musicians as Salomey Bey, Denon jazz artist Jane Bunnett, South African rock band 'A League of Nations' and Brazillian jazz artist Raphael Lima. Stone has also done music videos with Corey Hart, One Lazo and film productions, including Danielle Steel's 'A Perfect Stranger'.

Algernon Delano Rabess aka clickmasta sync is the co-founder of the Reggae Cowboys and is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist. He calls the island of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean his home and has an Afro-Caribe creole roots. Along with blues, jazz, r&b, soul and rock n roll, Sync also emits calypso, reggae and zouk influence in his music. Apart from being a singer, he is also a poet, an actor and writer.

In 2000, Keith Evanson joined the Reggae Cowboys as bassist and vocalist. He was born and raised in West Indies with a family which was deeply into music. Thus Jazz was thoroughly branded on him from a younger age. He started performing from the age of seventeen. He has travelled extensively in Canada, United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and the West Indies and from these cultures gleaned a range of styles including Jazz, Funk, Rock, Country, Latin, Calypso, Blues and Reggae. Keith is also quite an accomplished vocalist, songwriter and producer.

In 2003, Sty also joined Reggae Cowboys as their lead drummer. His formative years were spent playing in different bands, while touring extensively throughout the Caribbean. At the of age 20, he recorded his first song 'Peace Land' on an album which was titled 'Lucifer' by Fitzroy Williams, it was well received in Europe and the Caribbean. Its certainly Sty's, versatility and adaptability which continues to be his strengths, and has often given him rewarding opportunities to play and record with various artists.

Their album 'Tell The Truth' which was released in 1996 and it found them playing reggae but with a distinct western style. They gained the signature sound with the use of steely western guitars as these steel guitars have a tranquil but still a funky effect which is very much like the blues guitar sound. However, the Reggae Cowboys have certainly developed a unique style that is truly appealing, particularly since their guitars are always low-key, never breaking into wailing rock guitar solos. The album inspite of its western style still stays in its reggae tone. And this year they released their new album 'Phony Xpress', it features songs like 'Misty Morning' which has a certain air of moodiness about it, the bass and the lead in this song work in a slow beat. However, the title track 'In The Mix' juxtaposes joy with an upbeat vibrancy but the best that the band has to offer is the fluid lead guitar played by Stone Ranger. This album, shows the maturity of the band in their music which is capable of
generating moments of beauty, of power and of musical pleasure.

Their shows are a huge sell out, so to book tickets in advance, would be a wise choice.
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