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Ray Davies, the famous singer is very well known as the lead singer, very good songwriter and sensational rhythm guitarist of the famous Kinks. The band was hailed as one of the most famous and hugely successful British bands in the 1960s. Their live performances were a promise to sell out sizzling concerts and the huge demand for tickets as tickets were always out of stock. At times, Ray easily writes with some occasional contributions from his beloved brother Dave, but most of times he is the only figure behind the huge success of the Kinks. He was also a active member of the group and sometimes played lead guitar. Dave many times decided to ultimately dissolve the famous Kinks and to pursue a good solo career. But unfortunately that could not happen and Kink eventually earned the reputation as one of the long lived Invasion, sizzling rock groups.
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The farthest and fastest that Ray would definitely go in the perfect direction of a smooth solo career was when he claimed the huge credit for the hugely popular soundtrack to his film ''Return to Waterloo" this was released in 1985. Dave both wrote and incredibly directed the movie. The soothing music was as much Kink as on the sizzling original band records. But Dave did not have to think a lot and take the harsh decision. After some time, as the band gradually became popular and inactive during the 90s. That really gave Ray the very good opportunity to pursue other exciting projects. One of them was the famous, 1995 memoir, X-Ray that was hugely acclaimed and rated as semi-fictional.

Dave went on to conduct a few sizzling concerts to support the well written book. The book was subtitled as ''Storyteller," after these concerts he frequently read from the book, played classic Kinks songs, told stories, and also showcased some new songs. The well planned concert became a major hit and was duly adapted by the famous music cable network VH1 as a superb recurring series. Dave later released another exciting album by the same name. This was a cool recording of one of his superb solo acoustic concerts. This was released in 1998. Eventually, the record became a huge hit; this was his first hit as a solo album after hugely popular ''Return to Waterloo.'' In, 2005, he released the benefit EP ''Thanksgiving Day.'' All the money that was earned from the EP was given to New Orleans music education programs. This talented performer also holds remarkable concerts which have their own tremendous fan following. So, if you want to enjoy his music just get your tickets from your online ticket vendor and be there.

The Tourist (2005)
The Storyteller (1998)
Return to Waterloo (1985)
Thanksgiving Day (Single)
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