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Ratatat is a well known New York City electronic music duo. The duo include names of guitarist Mike Stroud and synthesizer driver and producer Evan Mast. This duo has generated a large fan base for its popular hip-hop blues music. The seed of this duo germinated when Stroud and Mast met as Skidmore College students, but they did not work together. They recorded a track "Cherry" in 2001 which resulted to form their full fledged debut album. This debut was released in 2004 entitling "Ratatat". The album was written and recorded in Mast's Crown Heights, Brooklyn apartment on Stroud's PowerBook. This album contains entirely instrumental music, except for inclusion of occasional excerpts of dialogs at the beginning and end of some tracks. Ratatat has toured with many other renowned rock band like Mouse on Mars, Interpol, Clinic and The Killers.
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The band produced their own independent label Rex Records. They released their first single "Seventeen Years" on Rex Records. Later this single was released again on Evan and his brother's record label Audio Dregs. The band striked a deal with XL Recordings. With this label they released their debut album and the single "Germany to Germany". Ratatat also goes for remixing of other artists' songs time to time, most notably it can been heard on their limited 2004 release "Ratatat Mixtape Vol. 1" which brought the attention of Rolling Stone.
Both musicians have been involved in other projects too othan than working for their own band "Ratatat". The individual projects include Mast's E*vax and Stroud's stage work with Ben Kweller, The Vash and Dashboard Confessional. The class hit and most notable song "Seventeen Years" has been featured in a Hummer television commercial and on British television show Soccer AM's "Crossbar Challenge" segment. Recently, on October 10th, 2006,a new demo album from Ratatat entitled "9 Beats" has been uploaded to the Internet. This new set of songs is not listed yet on any of the discography associated with the band. All the tracks are short instrumental electronic musical pieces.
The band tours extensively in support of its albums and singles spanning the whole nation at major venues. It holds its concerts performing its major earlier hits. On Aug 8, 2006 it has performed together with The Envelopes which is an amazing pop band from Sweden well known for their great record called "Demon". Ratatat is considered as the first band ever to play a show at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on Oct 6, 2006.
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