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"Rasputina" is a hugely popular, New York City-based trio, enthusiastically led by singer/songwriter Melora Creager. Melora Creager is quite famous as a sensational classically-trained cellist who has already performed with Nirvana on the group's final tour. Its all started, In 1992 when, Canadian Julie Kent and famous Polish Agnieszka Rybska incidentally got together with freaky Melora Creager and eventually, Rasputina was born. These three skillful cellists' performed uniquely dressed in colorful tightly-laced vintage Victorian costumes and incredibly play gothic chamber-pop. Their enchanting music is also categories as superb alternative rock. Such groups are rated as usher of new era and their live performances make the tickets sell like hot cakes.
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The band's debut came from reputed Sony in the pure form of ''Thanks for the Ether'' in 1996. The sizzling EP ''Transylvanian Regurgitations'' uniquely featuring blazing remixes by fan Marilyn Manson came within a year. Eventually followed by, ''How We Quit the Forest'' in 1998. After this initial success the group went through a transformation; in 2000 Rybska and Kent were duly substituted with Nana Bornant and extremely talented K. Cowperthwaite. Rasputina released their second album "How We Quit the Forest" that was their second full length soothing album and some usual changes were sincerely brought into the band's dynamic presentation. The band, eventually, roped in Chris Vrenna, who was earlier with the well known Nine Inch Nails, as the talented drummer and producer. Its all was going good for the band and; thus came the blazing songs with more distortion and unique use of drums. There was also the famous inclusion of strange and freakish sound effects. Creager is known as the central pole of the band.

Creager writes all of the remarkable lyrics performs the superb vocals and also does the unique cover art for the albums. The huge deal with popular Instinct came in 2001, eventually resulting in ''Cabin Fever.'' Eventually, Zoe Keating on the famous cello became the first ever cool male band mate by amazingly replacing Bornant. Mind blowing "Jonathon TeBeest" became the latest addition in 2003. It's all happened before the sizzling release of the other remarkable album ''Lost & Found,'' In 2004. The band released their most cohesive and thrilling work that was appeared in the form of ''Frustration Plantation.'' The band is known for their unique concepts and music; despite the so called Victorian look and the thrilling dark, ethereal sound; Rasputina does not like to be referred to as a pure Gothic band. The band has already caused a stir among their reasonable fan base with their innovative music. You can also enjoy their music, so get your tickets from an online ticket vendor as tickets are hot property.

Thanks for the Ether 1996
Transylvanian Regurgitations 1997
How We Quit the Forest 1997
The Olde HeadBoard 1998
Our Lies 2001
The Lost and Found 2001
Cabin Fever 2002
My Fever Broke 2003
The Lost and Found 2003
Frustration Plantation 2004
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