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As with the Beatles, there'll never be another Clash. But in the early '90s, no one more closely approximated the Clash's sheer energy and restlessness than Rancid. Their renovated and refurbished sound was palatable to old-school punks, new-school punks, and MTV followers alike. Lead singer Tim 'Lint' Armstrong and bassist Matt Freeman had already debuted in a number of other notable Punk and Ska outfits, including M.D.C., Dance Hall Crashers, and their highly successful creation, Operation Ivy. By the time the pair formed Rancid, they had ironed out the freshman rough edges to emerge with raucous, feel-good Punk with catchy melodies galore and enough ruffian chanting to start a bar fight. And even if almost every lyric sung by Armstrong falls just outside of coherent, their music's fiery vibrancy is enough to keep the spirit of 1977 alive.
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One of the cornerstone bands of the '90s punk revival, Rancid's unabashedly classicist sound drew heavily from the Clash's early records, echoing their left-leaning politics and fascination with ska, while adding a bit of post-hardcore crunch. While some critics dismissed Rancid as derivative, others praised their political commitment, surging energy, and undeniable way with a hook. And, regardless of critical debate over their significance, the band's strengths made them perhaps the most popular neo-punk band after Green Day and the Offspring. Their third album, 1995's ...And Out Come the Wolves, made them a platinum-selling sensation and an inescapable presence on MTV and modern rock radio. While they never translated that success into an enormous blockbuster record (like the aforementioned bands who hit the mainstream first), that wasn't necessarily their ambition, choosing to stay with the independent punk label Epitaph and the creative freedom it allowed them. That decision helped them retain a large, devoted core audience as revivalist punk-pop began to slip off the mainstream's musical radar.
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