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Ramon Ayala is the legendary accordion player that has come to be the face of norteno music. His sound on the accordion and his lyrics have swept through Mexico and the United States, picking up Grammy Awards and Latin Billboard Awards as his records have continued to sell throughout his 40 plus years of touring and selling tickets.

Long before Ayala was selling tickets he was watching his father, Ramon Cobarrubias entertain crowds with his musical talents. Ramon picked up the accordion at age six and quickly became a master of the music and the lyrics that would go on to launch him as perhaps the most famous norteno musician in the history of the genre.

Ramon Ayala's first venture onto the stage found him with Los Jilgueros de Marin. It was after he moved to the border town Reyonsa in Tamaulipas that he met singer Cornelio Reyna. Ayala and Reyna became Los Relampagos del Norte. The group released its first of 20 albums in 1963. Over the next eight years the two would sell albums and concert tickets in droves as they quickly became the most respected norteno band around.
Cornelio Reyna mysteriously quit the group to pursue a career in the mariachi genre and would be the first of many singers to come and go along the way in Ramon Ayala's career. There was Antonio Sauceda, Eliseo Robles, Antonio Coronado, and others. Each time a new singer came around Ayala altered his sound to work with the new lead singer, but he was still able to remain on top the genre, selling hundreds of thousands of records upon each release and having Ayala tickets in demand with each tour schedule.

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