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  • Pure Prairie League (1972)

  • Bustin' Out (1972)

  • Two Lane Highway (1975)

  • Dance (1976)

  • If the Shoe Fits (1976)

  • Takin' the Stage (live) (1977)

  • Just Fly (1978)

  • Can't Hold Back (1979)

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May 11 Fri 7:30 PM Pure Prairie League Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre
New Braunfels, TX
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The popular band, Pure Prairie League was started in Columbus, OH, in 1969 by singer/songwriter/guitarist Craig Fuller, singer/guitarist George Powell, bass player Jim Lanham, and drummer Tom McGrail. The band built up its fan base playing around Cincinnati for a year before bagging a record contract with RCA Victor. Before signing the recording deal, McGrail had quit and in his place came Jim Caughlin. The band roped in steel guitar player John David Call, and entered the studio to record its eponymous maiden album.

The first album was released in 1972 and the cover had a Western character named Luke. Luke then appeared in almost all the covers of the band. The first album did quite well but not enough to make an impact, subsequently Lanham, Caughlin, and Call quit the band. The remaining members Fuller and Powell roped in Hinds, and he in turn brought in a friend, keyboard player Michael Connor.

With a new lineup the band came out with its second effort Bustin' Out in 1972. This album too in the beginning did not fare well; as a result the recording company dropped the band. No to be dithered, the band further solidified its lineup by adding bassist Michael Reilly. Due to some legal problem Fuller quit the band, and was replaced by Larry Goshorn. By now Call too had rejoined the band. The band;s hard work and constant touring bore fruit after radio stations started airing 'Amie,' a song from Bustin' Out. The popularity of the song forced RCA to issue the song as a single. Subsequently RCA re-released the album and also resigned the band. The band riding the wave of success released its third album, Two Lane Highway which did reasonably well. The follow up album, If the Shoe Fits released in 1975 too became a minor hit.

The band came out with its fifth album, Dance, released in 1976 did not do well. The album was followed by the two-LP concert recording Live!! Takin' the Stage, this too met with same fate as its predecessor. Subsequently Call left the band and was replaced by Goshorn's brother, Tim. The band saw a major line up change Goshorn brothers quit, and Powell retired. The remaining trio of friends Hinds, Connor, and Reilly were left with a band without a frontman. They hired Vince Gill as lead singer and guitarist, and reeds player Patrick Bolin. With the new line up the band released couple of albums which did considerably well. After the release of its tenth album, Something in the Night the band disbanded. However to the delight of thousands of fans the band reformed in 1988.
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