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"Propagandhi" are better known as one of the famous "Fat Wreck Chord's" first bands. The band has been climbing the heights of fame and moving smoothly with their hot funky tracks. Propagandhi doesn't mind simply going against the inherent grain of not just society, but they have their own theory with their own funky, cool record label. The band has been well received by the music lovers since the formation of the band; whenever Propagandhi performs live one can see a potential crowd to buy tickets and their die-hard fans who never want to miss their electrifying live performances. Their live performances are like a rare a feast for punk lovers.
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Jun 16 Sat 8:00 PM Propagandhi Palace Theatre - Calgary
Calgary, ALB
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Jun 17 Sun 8:00 PM Propagandhi Starlite Room
Edmonton, ALB
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The foundation of the band lies in Canada as they are better known as the radical bunch from Winnipeg, Canada. Initially the band members got together in 1989. This fruitful meeting eventually led them to share their views over music and play a show with NOFX. After some initial and not so serious gigs, the band members found that they shared same cool and D.I.Y. attitude with famous Fat Mike, and eventually the band determined to join his amateur label. The band was on tremendous swing during their initial years. Propagandhi would have loved to skirt the entire, so called capitalist progress of selling music and marketing, but they initially compromised because of their catchy punk, pro-feminist, pro-gay, pro-civil liberties, anti-fascism message and their screeching over music. Propagandhi reformed it all over again by moving fatly from hilarious to profound with sensational and blunt songs titles like "Hate, Myth, Muscle, Etiquette," "You Skinhead Creep," "Stick That Fucking Flag Up Your Goddam Ass," and " I Was a Pre-Teen McCarthyist."

Their revealing funky style and new attractions couldn't survive for long, and the band went through a dramatic transformation in 1997. One of the singers, bassist and songwriter, Samson left the band to start his own publishing company. This sudden departure led the group to quick fragmentation and the remaining members decided to start their own label. Their third and hugely anticipated album "Where Quantity Is Job #1" was eventually released by G7 Welcoming Committee along with the Propagandhi's 2001 effort and famous Weakerthans records. In 2003, Chris Hannah better known as the founding member of the Propagandhi left the band. It was not an easy task for them to accept his departure but somehow they managed to find the suitable replacement. After some initial trials they settle on Glenn Lambert (vocalist) and then quickly headed into the studio. The band started its journey all over again and they release their fresh new album "Both Where Quantity is Job # 1," this was a superb compilation of some thrilling live demos tracks, and some previously unreleased material. The band released their next album "Potemkin City Limits" in 2005. Propagandhi represents a new world of punk with some breath taking beats. You can experience their music; but don't forget to get your tickets from an online ticket vendor as tickets are hot property.

Potemkin City Limits
Where Quantity Is Job #1
Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Where Quantity Is Job #1
How to Clean Everything
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