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Started as solo project of musician Steven Wilson, Porcupine Tree is an English progressive rock, metal and psychedelic band. It was formed in 1987 in Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire, England. To make this band more successful and musically sound, audio engineer and producer Wilson gets inspiration by listening many different genres of music for inspiration. He once gave a statement "I like so many different types of things, and they all go into the melting pot, if you like, that produces the music of Porcupine Tree".

In 1989, the band compiled its 80 minutes cassette entitled "Tarquin's Seaweed Farm" decorated with 8 page information about band members Sir Tarquin Underspoon and Timothy Tadpole-Jones. The follow-up "The Nostalgia Factory" also distributed later in 1990 which generated an underground interest in the band. Following the release, Steven got invitation from Delerium label to be one of the first artists to sign. Though invitation was about re-issuing both tapes but Steven compiled the best of their tracks into one album which resulted in "On the Sunday of Life..." released in July 1991. The album was released in just 500 copies and sold immediately. It got so popular that album had to be repressed along with a CD version. The album included one of band's future classic and prevailing concert performance "Radioactive Toy".
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Their next release "Voyage 34" with a totally new and unique sound made of combination of different genres
became a leading underground hit, peaking the UK independent Top 20. Another follow up "Up the Downstair" was described as "a psychedelic masterpiece... one of the albums of the year" because of its rapture music with a fusion of dance and rock featuring Richard Barbieri and Colin Edwin. Up to this time, the band was expected to perform live because of its increasing fame. In 1993, Porcupine Tree performed live featuring Steven on lead vocals/guitar, Chris Maitland on drums, Colin Edwin on bass guitar and Richard Barbieri on keyboards. The band carried on moving on the path of success with its class albums including The Sky Moves Sideways", " Signify", "Waiting", "Coma Divine".

In 1999, they released album "Stupid Dream" on Snapper/K-Scope label which was supported by a tour spanning Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, UK, France and USA. The band experienced its first line-up change when drummer Chris Maitland departed and replaced by extraordinary drummer Gavin Harrison. The most best and excellent work by Porcupine Tree is "In Absentia" was released by Lava Records in September 2002. Band's latest releases include "Futile" "XM" and "XMII". Porcupine Tree was signed by Roadrunner Records UK in Aug 2006.

About the genre of the band, Steven Wilson says "Porcupine Tree music is very very simple. There's nothing complex about it at all. The complexity is in the production. The complexity is in the way the albums are constructed. All of the work goes into creating the texture and the sound, and making it sound right. There's nothing complicated about the music at all. And that's really why I have to take issue when people describe us as progressive rock. I don't think we are a progressive rock band. I think we're just a rock band. I think what leads people to give it that kind of progressive tag is the way the songs are produced".

The band released its first ever live DVD "Arriving Somewhere..." on the 23rd October. Currently, Porcupine Tree is working on its latest studio album, expected to be released in early 2007. .

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