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Pointfest is considered as a musical concert which is awaited by each and every fan of its. This year would probably showcase its 18th edition. However, this musical show was organized at St. Louis on May 15, 2005, and generated a thrilling action amongst thousands of the audience.

This musical show included performances by some of the prestigious musicians of the industry. The list of the musicians included Mudvayne, Breaking Benjamin, Story of the Year, Sum 41, Unwritten Law, Modern Day Zero, Life of Agony, The Exies, American Head Charge, No Address, Blood Simple, TRUSTcompany and Mourningside.

The unique thing about the show was that it played a very non-inspirational type of music. To add more to its fun, there was a magnificent performance by the American Head Charge. The show had dynamic elements in it which rocked the people from around the world. Apart from these there were a few others, who were worth watching, for example Life Of Agony were the greatest, followed by Modern Day Zero, who played a several new tracks from their upcoming album. If they gave a good performance, then there were other like Unwritten Law which appeared to be a disaster.
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Amongst the rest, Sum 41 stood as number performers, promoting their musical album which was extremely awsome. This was the best appreciated performance as they made the audience join them on stage, which was enjoyed by the audience. Yet another band named as Story of the Yearproved to be worth watching as they worked out real hard to please their fans onstage.

Apart from Sum 41, Mudvayne was yet another band who thrilled the audience tremendously with their remarkable beats and mind blowing rhythms. However, the Exies did not turn up for the performance due illness.

Therefore, one can conclude that Pointfest is a kind of an entertainment package which is worth watching. So, don't wait and contact your ticket vendor online for this musical concert.
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