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Phish TicketsIn 1983 at the University of Vermont Trey Anastasio, Jeff Holdsworth, Mike Gordon and Jon Fishman met and formed the group Phish. Anastasio and Holdsworth were the guitarists, Gordon was the bassist, and Fisherman was the drummer. They would gain fame around campus as a jam band that took musical improvisation to the extreme. Then and now, their fans are very loyal, waiting at every turn to purchase Phish tickets.

The early years would bring Marc Daubet in as a percussionist for almost a year in 1984 and then Page McConnell as the keyboardist. After graduation, Holdsworth would leave the band and Trey, Page, Mike and Fish would become a solid lineup that has lasted throughout the decades of Phish tickets.

Along the way they picked up perhaps their most avid fan, Paul Languedoc, who would design special guitars for the group and eventually become the group's sound engineer. In 1988, the group practiced for hours on end. The result was Junta, Phish's third album and their first gold certified release. Unknowingly, the band had developed a tremendous following. In 1989 they rented the Paradise Rock Club in Boston after the owners refused to book them (because they had never heard of Phish). A caravan of fans showed up, bought Phish tickets, and sold out the club.

The group was also at the forefront of technology, having a Usenet newsgroup. The rabid fans and the impressive ability to spread their music by simple word of mouth led to Elektra Records signing the band. Phish's first studio album, A Picture of Nectar, did not sell well, but attracted millions who wanted Phish tickets to see the group live.

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Elektra decided to give the band a shot headlining major amphitheaters in the summer of 1993 to accompany the release of Rift. All this slowly spread the word, but it was not until 1995 when Phish appeared on Beavis and Butthead that the mainstream finally truly was aware of whom the group was. Phish tickets still far outsold albums. The albums have consistently taken years to reach gold certification.

The bread and butter for Phish were always its concerts and tours. The improvisation was best captured live and not on recordings. One famous tour included an interactive pair of chess games that had two moves per show. Another was an appearance a the Clifford Ball in 1996 that had the group riding on a flatbed truck serenading tens of thousands of fans who bought tickets to sleep in a makeshift town complete with post office and restaurants.

By 2000, the group had decided to take a hiatus. Each group member went on to explore their own interests. Two years later, Phish reunited to sing at Madison Square Garden on New Years Eve 2002. The Phish tickets were for sporadic concerts, something down to avoid the exhaustion that followed the previous year's very heavy touring schedules.

The last hiatus began with a tearful final concert in 2004. Now, five years later, the members of Phish are set to tour again. The Phish summer tour will once again inspire caravans of devoted fans to snatch up all the tickets quickly. OnlineSeats will have these Phish tickets for every concert scheduled on this reunion tour for affordable prices.

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