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Phillip Chapman Lesh is known as the founding member of the hit band Grateful Dead. He was the bass guitarist in the band all through their 30-year career. He had his roots in jazz and classical performance. His initial instruments were violin and trumpet. Later he studied music under Luciano Berio. He joined the band Warlocks and his friend Jerry Garcia who owned it. Soon the band was renamed as Grateful Dead. He became famous for his bass playing as much as for his commitment to the band. He never got into any long term side projects.

In 1995, the band stopped touring after the death of Garcia. But Lesh got together with the other band members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart to form a new band called Other Ones. The band headlined the 1998 Further Festival.
Lesh underwent a liver transplant in 1998. He came to the arena as a headliner in 1999. He issued his solo debut ''Love Will See You Through'' in the same year. This was a live album and became a great success. That led to extensive touring, though not as a part of his band for the first time. He went back to the studio to launch his first studio-recorded album in 2002. Titled ''There and Back Again,'' the album was another success to Phil Lesh.

He has been touring more frequently now. His concerts are regular sell-outs and tickets are hard to get by. So contact your on-line ticket vendor to get your hands on the precious tickets.
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