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How about a night spent listening to romantic ballads with your love, while that cupid is on a shooting spree. And if its not just somebody but Peter Cetera, who's singing. So while you are still oozing excitement, run and book the tickets, they don't last long.
Peter Paul Cetera is an American singer, songwriter, bass guitar player and producer. He was among the pioneer members of the rock band Chicago, before he launched into his career as a solo Artist. He took his first step into music, when he started learning the accordion at five. But after a friend took him to see his first concert, the fourteen year old Peter was so taken with it that he went and got himself a guitar. He later took up bass guitar and, after finishing high school, played in several groups in the Chicago area. His career gained a momentum with his joining a popular local rock band named The Exceptions. They extensively toured the Midwestern United States in the mid 1960s, releasing two albums and several singles.

In December 1967, Cetera after watching The Big Thing, was so impressed by their use of a horn section combined with rock and roll, that he left The Exceptions to join them. The Big Thing, later became The Chicago Transit Authority (and eventually Chicago), released their self-titled debut album The Chicago Transit Authority on Columbia Records in 1969. The album featured his tenor voice in three of the eleven songs as lead vocal. Its follow-up album, Chicago, saw an unprecedented popularity. This album complimented Cetera's singing and songwriting skills as the song "25 or 6 to 4" was the first major hit single with Cetera singing lead vocals while, "Where Do We Go From Here?"was well-appreciated for being a good song. By 1970, Cetera become an accomplished songwriter for the group, contributing the hits "Wishing You Were Here" and "Happy Man" from the 1974 album Chicago VII. The ballad "If You Leave Me Now" became the band's first worldwide No. 1 single in 1976, making Cetera a well-liked singer and songwriter.

Cetera went solo with his album, "Peter Cetera", on Warner Bros. Records, in 1981. And with the popularity of music videos and the growing influence of MTV, Cetera became the recognised face and voice of the band. However, Cetera left the band in July 1985 to concentrate on his solo career and family. His first single "Glory of Love"was the theme of movie The Karate Kid. It was a US No. 1 hit in 1986, and achieved similar success throughout the world. It also won an ASCAP Award for Most Performed Songs from Motion Pictures and a BMI Film & TV Award for Most Performed Song from a Film. Moreover, it was also nominated for both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe in the category of Best Original Song, as well as a Grammy Award for Best Pop Vocal Performance by a Male Artist. Besides singing, Cetera has also appeared in two movies,Electra Glide in Blue, in 1973 and Sidney Sheldon's Memories of Midnight in 1991.

Over the years many star guests have performed on Peter's albums including Madonna, legendary guitarist David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, five time Grammy Award winner Bonnie Raitt, and singer/songwriter Bill Champlin. His music and voice could be found in numerous movies and movie soundtracks like "Chances Are" featuring the duet "After All" performed with Cher; "3 Men and a Baby" with "Daddy's Girl" of the "Solitude/Solitaire" album; and "Pretty Woman" with "No Explanation". "If You Leave Me Now" was scored in a consequential scene in the movie "Three Kings". Cetera was always a sports freak and so his leisure hours are spent pursuing these interests, especially baseball.
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