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Perpetual Groove is a rock and progressive band from Savannah, Georgia founded in 1997. Perpetual Groove was founded by four members Joe Stickney on drums, bass guitar by Adam Perry, guitar by Brock Butler and keyboard by Brett Hinton. Four members met in their first year at Savannah College of Art and Design . But at graduation two members Hinton and Stickney left the band. In 2001 band saw inclusion of two new members Matt McDonald on keyboard and organ and Albert Suttle on drums. Perpetual Grrove is known for performing at various prestigious festivals and venues such as the 10,000 Lakes Festival, Wakarusa Music & Camping Festival, Bonnaroo and High Sierra. Perpetual Groove conduct many concerts and tours, tickets for which can be bought from Online Seats.

Perpetual groove members did lot of hard work in developing sound of the band in their starting years. Original members Brett, Joe, Adam and Brock spend their first year in dormitory. They then moved to Tybee beach for having some privacy and space for developing their group. These days were named by them as The Elephant Days. Their first demo called 'Jungle Funk Demo' had many compositions which were Funk Kitchen, The March of Gibbles Army, Nocean, Sitting In The Ghetto, Simple Pleasure Man, Mota, and Echo.
In 1999 they toured very less, playing at places like The Brandyhouse in Atlanta, original Wherehouse in Charleston and The Music Farm. They played very regularly at a local bar for their pals, J.J. Cagney's.
The first album of Perpetual Groove was Perpetual Groove with eight tracks. This album was recorded using the studios and equipment of their school. Apart from two tracks Dionysus and Galaxy Soup all other tracks are still in rotation. Only 500 copies of this albums were released and hit in Charleston and Savannah.
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Apr 20 Thu 8:00 PM Perpetual Groove The National - VA
Richmond, VA
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At the time of graduation band saw change in line up with Brock and Adam. While two other members continued with the band they spent time on playing, writing and developing ideas for new projects.
In 2001 Brock and Adam hosted open mic night at J.J. Cagney's. In one of these open mic nights they met Matt McDonald and Albert Suttle who later joined their band. Four started to play regularly on open mic night. The owner of J.J. Cagney's asked them on the death anniversary of Jerry Garcia to play a special Grateful Dead Tribute Show. All four men soon realized their capabilities and started regularly playing together.

In the early months of 2002 band worked hard on their sound and their stage presence. Jason Huffer, long time friend of Ben joined Tim Fallin who was running sound for them. New material began to be developed and every member continued to develop their sound until the perfect one came.

The winter months of 2001 and 2002 were very important for them. In December they went to Atalanta. There they became friends with The Dunhams and C. Robie. They made an appearance at The Annual Music Midtown Fest which saw large fan base of band which was developed with the help of The Dunhams.

In June 2003 Perpetual Groove started with their first national tour. They played at many venues from California to New York and festivals like High Sierra and Berkfest. They traveled about 70000 miles in less than a year. In 2003 the band for the first time played for New Year's Eve show at Historic Lucas Theatre in Savannah.

Perpetual Groove are continuously on road maintaining a grueling tour schedule. Avail tickets for their shows from us.
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