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Hold your hearts and just breathe easy. Well its a good news but still over-excitement could be harmful. You sure, you can handle this, here we go, Paul Rodgers, is on for a performance in a place close to you. Your past experiences must have taught you that waiting for long, especially, if its somebody like Paul Rodgers, you are bound to land in trouble with your girlfriend. So for tickets, buddy, you have to jump that line of control.
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Paul Rodgers, is an English rock singer and songwriter best known for being the band member of Free and Bad Company. These bands were the phenomenally successful bands of the 1970s. He was also a member of The Firm and The Law, later he launched his solo career. In recent years, he has also toured with the 'Queen' after their induction the UK music Hall of fame. With the blues and rock band Free, in 1968 Rodgers burst into the British music scence as singer cum songwriter. Their Rodger/Fraser rock classic,'All Right Now' scooped them high-up in the international radio charts. It was considered a number one hit in over twenty territories and it became a huge popular demand on radio playlists. It ultimately launched Rodgers in a dominant role with people aping his song stylistic meter. He was bestowed with, ' The Multi Million Award' in 2000 by the British Music Industry when "All Right Now" passed 2,000,000 plus radio plays in the UK.

After all the success, Rodgers launched the next band, Bad Company, which is considered to be rock's supergroups. They made many successful tours between 1973 to 1982 and came out with hits such as "Feel Like Making Love", "Can't Get Enough", "Shooting Star", "Bad Company", and "Run with the Pack". Rodgers instrumental skills were showcased in "Bad Company" and "Run with the Pack" with him on piano; he strummed the guitar on "Rock and Roll Fantasy" and on the ballad "Seagull", Rodgers played all of the instruments. The Band earned six platinum albums until Rodgers left in 1982 at the height of their fame to spend time with his young family. He cut his first solo album 'Cut Loose' in 1984, it was completely his album as he was the singer, songwriter, composer and musician. With Jimmy Page and Led Zeppelin he formed "The Firm" and they made rock music's first major charity fund raising campaign on their US Arms Tour. Their two albums, The Firm and Mean business were internationally successful.

Paul Rodgers was greatly influenced by Hendrix, so he teamed with "Journey" guitarist "Neal Schon" and released "The Hendrix Set /Paul Rodgers". It was released in 1993 with Rodgers' interpretations of Hendrix songs. In 1994, he released his solo CD "Muddy Water Blues: A Tribute to Muddy Waters", it won him a Grammy nomination. Once again Rodgers and Bad Company came together and their "Hey, Hey" hit Billboard's US BDS charts in 1999. In 2002, Paul Rodgers with the " Bad Company" released their first live CD and DVD "Merchants of Cool". From 2004 onwards Rodgers has been asked to perform with Queen. He released a live album of his 2006 tour in April 2007, which was recorded in Glasgow, Scotland.

In all this passing years, Rodgers has very much been an active musician. His list of achievements would be a long one but a small fact that he is a great musician and a genius can conclude everything. The world has seen his glory and they have loved him. With love the tickets would wait for you and true love will find its way. Happy listening.
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