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In 1987, Oakenfold elapsed several months in Ibiza and Spain, where he fell in love with the dance club music. Ibiza's sound, Italian disco, soul and house influenced him much. Therefore, he produced 'Happy Mondays' 'Pills 'n Thrills' and 'Bellyaches', followed by 'Remixes for U2', 'Massive Attack', 'Arrested Development', 'The Cure', 'Snoop Doggy Dogg', 'Simply Red' and 'New Order'. All of them became massive hits. The copies of these albums also sold millions. During this time, his production partner was Steve Osborne, with whom he established the 'Perfecto Records'. Most of his songs were recorded by the 'Perfecto Records'.

In 1990, his name was associated with DJ Elite because of his dexterity in music. He achieved the success because he discovered a new genre of dance music called 'Trance'. In 1994, while creating a two-hour set for BBC Radio 1's Essential Mix, he made this new style public. This set is also familiar as 'Goa Mix'. Till date, it is considered as the most requested broadcast on the BBC radio network.

He elapsed a short spell as a member of the 'Grace' band. After that, he became Cream's resident DJ from 1997 to 1999. During this time, he released a number of super hit songs and albums. Oakenfold followed a unique process of 'mixing skills' in most of his songs, which was acceptable to the audience. In 1998, he released 'Tranceport', which is still considered as the most successful album in his career. It represented a different kind of his 'mixing skills'. His popularity crossed the boundary of the Atlantic ocean and gradually reached the oriental countries. Even, his songs were used in the soundtracks of various films like 'Swordfish', 'The Matrix Reloaded', 'Collateral', 'Herbie Rides Again', 'Die Another Day' etc. Even, he made a remix of the theme song of 'James Bond'. Later, he performed for the James Bond video game, 'Golden Eye'. In 2004, he also sang in 'Appleseed', a Japanese animation film. Even, he sang the theme song for the FIFA series of video games in 2005. Apart from that, he made significant contribution to Konami's 'Dance Dance Revolution' series of video games.

In 2001, Paul participated in the first Area Festival tour and performed his best. He achieved immense success there. In 2002, his first solo album, 'Bunkka' was released. As it became a massive hit, its copies sold millions. In 2004, 'Ready Steady Go', a famous song of Oakenfold was reproduced with some Korean lyrics for the movie, 'Collateral'. Even, this song was also used in 'Saab' commercials and in the 'EA Sports games' etc. In 2006, he released his latest album, 'A Lively Mind'. It also turned out as a super hit. His single song in this album, 'Faster Kill Pussycat' was a collaboration with the actress Brittany Murphy and was released in 2006. It was 'Maverick Records', which recorded his last two albums. All of them became massive hits and copies sold millions. If you are interested to attend a concert of Paul Oakenfold, then buy the tickets of his concert from Online Seats as soon as possible.
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Paul Oakenfold, a famous record producer and one of the best-known Trance DJs, was born on 30th August,1963 at Greenhithe city of Kent province in United Kingdom. When he was a mere teenager, he commenced his musical career in clubs and became familiar as a renowned DJ within a short period.
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