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Paul McCartney tickets create a buzz whenever they are announced. Perhaps they create such a buzz because they are perceived as the last chance to listen to something live that touches the Beatles or perhaps they are in such demand because Paul has become perhaps the most popular and successful musician in modern music. He has been a member of the Beatles, Wings, and worked with some the most influential artist of every generation.

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It seems everything in Paul McCartney's life has been predetermined, leading him to this calling as a rock star whose influence has already lasted five decades and will likely last significantly longer. Paul was born on June 18, 1942 in Liverpool, England. From the beginning, his father encouraged him to pursue an innate interest in music, though Jim McCartney would have rather Paul chose jazz instead of rock and roll. Tragically, at the age of 12 he lost his mother Mary, though this too would serve its purpose, helping to cement a bond with John Lennon.

Paul McCartney owes his exploration of rock music to his early days playing in a skiffle band. Skiffle is a type of folk music heavily influenced by jazz, the blues, and even country music. This turned the trumpet player into a guitar player and set him down the course to one day play beside John Lennon, George Harrison, Stuart Sutcliffe and Pete Best as the Silver Beatles in Hamburg, Germany. Eventually Paul, John, and George would drop the Silver, Stuart and Pete and add Ringo and become the biggest rock and roll band ever, the Beatles.

The Beatles stayed together for eight years, conquering the known music world with 12 albums, sold out concert tours, and several films. As we all know, the Beatles broke up in 1970, beginning the Paul McCartney's exploration of his career as part of Wings and as a solo star. Wings lasted until 1981 when an incident in Japan and the murder of John Lennon finally forced Paul to admit that he wanted to be a solo artist.

Paul McCartney tickets and albums have sold to millions of crazed fans ever since. They have stood by his side as he lost his wife, Linda, and his best friend, George Harrison, to cancer. To this day they look forward to his album releases and anxiously await Paul McCartney tour news.


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