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The famous songs sung by Smyth are -'Downtown Train', 'Never Enough', 'Isn't It Enough', 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough', 'No Mistakes', 'I Should Be Laughing' and 'Look What Love Has Done' etc. After reading this article, hope you have become interested to attend Patty Smyth's concert. Then, collect your tickets from Online Seats as soon as possible.
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Patty Smyth, a famous American singer cum composer, was born on 26th June, 1957 in New York city. Since her childhood days, she dreamt of becoming a famous singer in future. Her parents also provided her a moral support in fulfilling her dream. At last, her strong perseverance made her a famous rocker.

Smyth commenced her musical career as a solo singer. As a solo performer, she achieved success, but that was not standard. On one occasion, Smyth met Valerie Bertinelli and her husband, Eddie Van Halen. Eddy was the owner of a band named, 'Van Halen'. They became friends soon. When David Lee Roth left the band 'Van Halen' for some personal reason, Smyth was invited by Eddie Van Halen to play the role of the lead singer in that band. But, Smyth declined that offer because she had a dream to be a singer of a renowned band. At that time, 'Scandal' band was very much popular. She had a long desire to join the band. Eventually, she also joined the band as a lead singer. Since then, she started to run in the right track. It was her mellifluous voice that swept over millions of hearts throughout the USA. In 1982, she received her first mainstream success as a lead singer of the 'Scandal' band.

In 1987, she released 'Never Enough'. In 1992, 'Patty Smyth' was released. As both of them became massive hits, copies of the two albums sold millions. In the same year, she sang an immortal song, 'Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough', which achieved the second rank in the 'Billboard Hot 100'. Even, she performed as a back vocalist with Henley in some stage shows. Her success was not bound inside the American boundary only. Gradually, her name spread throughout the world. She started to receive lucrative offers for live stage shows from different parts of the Europe and the U.S.A. To appease her fans' demands, she conducted successful tours to different places.

In 1994, she composed the song, 'Look What Love Has Done'. It became so hit that she was nominated for the 'Grammy' award. Later, this song helped her to be nominated for 'Academy Award' also. The song became so popular that later it was played in the film, 'Junior' on a special context. She again made a huge record through the releasing 'Wish I Were You'. It was inscribed into the hearts of the audience. Later, it was also played in the super hit film, 'Armageddon' in 1998. In the same year, she released another famous album, 'Featuring Scandal'. Her latest album was 'We Are the 80's'. It was released in 2006. Both of the songs, became super hits and sold millions.
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