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Pat Travers was born in Toronto, Canada on April 12, 1954. He was fascinated by the guitar when he was 12. Pat saw the legend Jimi Hendrix perform in Ottawa and became instantly hooked to his style. He other inspirations were guitarists like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton and Jimmy Page. Pat began playing in his very own band in his teens. His initial bands were "Red Hot" and "Merge" and played with them in the clubs in the Quebec area.

Pat Travers launched his professional recording career in London, England. Some time after arriving in the city in 1975, he realized that to get noticed he needed a demo. So he went about hiring a drummer and bass player, when that was done he went into a small studio and recorded a four song demo. The demos caught the fancy of manager David Hemmings and eh got Travers a multi-album deal with Polydor.
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Travers released three albums in England, and was subsequently signed by Polydor USA. In 1979 he released the live album "Go For What You Know" whose single "Boom Boom Out Go The Lights" became a huge radio hit. He released his next offering "Crash and Burn" in 1980 and its rocking single "Snortin' Whiskey became a run away success as well. The success his records meant that there was a huge demand for Pat Travers among the concert audience. This led to a vigorous tour schedule. He also released two more albums, Black Pearl in 1982 and Hot Shot in 1983.

Pat took a break from recording after his two albums but kept his touring act going. He the encountered independent record executive Mike Varney and released "Blues Tracks" in 1992. The album was a hit and led to many more records between the two. He is presently working on a new album. Traver's popularity breaks all barriers and guarantees that his concerts are hits everywhere in the world. Buy the tickets to his concerts and feel the power of his performances. Contact your on-line ticket vendor at the earliest.


Don't Feed The Alligators - 2000
Blues Tracks, Vol. 2 - 1998
BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert - 1997
King Biscuit Flower Hour... - 1997
Whiskey Blues - 1997
Lookin' Up - 1996
Halfway To Somewhere - 1995
Blues Magnet -1994
Just A Touch - 1993
Blues Tracks - 1992
The Best Of Pat Travers - 1991
Crash And Burn - 1980
Live! Go For What You Know - 1979
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