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Pat Dailey alias Patrick Huston Dailey was born in Omaha, Nebraska on 4th March, 1941. He was the second son of Tom and Bobbie Dailey. He was bred and brought up in Kirkwood Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis. He had a propensity towards music since his childhood days. It was his hard endeavour that made him a famous singer later.
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While he was in high school, he formed his own band named, 'Pat and the K-Tones'. At that time, he played the sock-hops only. The audience found the band's music soothing and calm. Gradually, his name spread across the boundary of his fatherland. In 1960, Dailey visited Hawaii island to sing in the opening ceremony of the 'Legendary Don Ho'. Here, he and his band performed their best. After that, Pat Dailey and his band travelled throughout the USA. In 1977, Dailey set out for Cleveland. After reaching there, he was assisted by one of his friends to get inducted in 'Hairy Buffalo', a renowned west side club. He performed there at every night. On one occasion, he was noticed by Bobby McGee, a famous music producer of the contemporary period, while performing a show in 'Hairy Buffalo'. Mr. McGee offered him to sing on South Bass Island at Lake Erie in Ohio. Here, his life changed dramatically. In the summer of 1978, Pat performed for the first time on the stage of the popular 'Beer Barrel' saloon. He received huge success in this show. He performed the entire summer of 1979 at the same place. The 'Beer Barrel' razed to the ground in 1988 due to some political reason, but it was rebuilt within few years. Later, the name of this bar was recorded in the 'Guinness Book of Records' as 'The World's Longest Bar', as it has the capacity to house atleast 3500 people. Here, Pat achieved widespread success in his every show. Following his success, 'Boathouse Bar' and 'Grill' made an accord with Pat. The 'Boathouse Bar' was a nautical themed club, that was aptly suited to Pat Dailey's songs of life on the water. He was happy enough in playing the regular steady gig. In these new venues, he made brilliant performance. His mellifluous tones swept over millions of hearts. Gradually, his name spread throughout the 'Great Lakes', 'Lower Canada' and the 'North Coast'.

Throughout his entire career, Pat composed a number of fun loving and melancholic songs like 'Put-in-Bay', 'Legend of the Lake', 'Island Fever' and 'Big Money Walleye' etc. All of them turned out as super hits. On one occasion, he met with Shel Silverstein, a famous poet, composer and playwright of the contemporary period. He continued working with this great person till Shel's death in May, 1999.

While working with Shel, Pat composed numerous hit songs like - 'Blue Catawba Moon', 'White Squall', 'On the Water', 'Great Lakes Song', 'Here in the North', 'Put-in-Bay', 'Vermilion', 'Flight 121', 'Carpe Diem', 'Lost At Sea', 'Needles and Pins', 'The Old Wooden Lyman', 'Body Parts', 'Aphrodisiac', 'Forty-five Years From Now', 'Travelin' Guitar Man', 'South Shore Serenade', 'River of Stars', 'South Passage', 'Never Lie About Fish', 'Whiskey Morning', 'Put-in-Bay', 'Travelin' Guitar Man' and 'Born to Boogie' etc. All of them sold millions. They still have a high demand in the market. Therefore, all you need to attend the concert of Pat Dailey, is a ticket. Therefore, book that from Online Seats as soon as possible.
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