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Paradime alias Freddie Beauregard, a renowned hip-hop specialist of the United States of America, was born at Livonia in Michigan. Besides singing, he is also a renowned composer. Since his childhood days, he had a propensity for music. He struggled a lot to become a famous singer. After hard perseverance, he turned out as one of the renowned singers of U.S.A.
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He started his musical career as a back up vocalist for 'Kid Rock', a famous rock band of the contemporary period. He made his first debut at Detroit hip-hop scene. It was later recorded as a solo album. It became successful, but not so much to acquire a place in the record book. Its copies sold hundreds only. But, he did not retreat from the competition. In 1998, he released 'Beats'. It was recorded by 'Will Records', a notable recording company of that contemporary period. This album was a landmark in his life. It became so hit that its copies sold millions. After that, he never had to look back. His chariot of success moved ahead with a great pace. In the following years, he gifted his fans a number of hit songs. His next album, 'Paragraphs' was released in 1999. It turned out as a super hit. It was also regarded as one of the best selling Detroit hip-hop albums of 1999. In the 'Real Detroit Magazine', there was a mention of this event. In 2001, he released 'Vices'. It is still regarded as the best hip-hop classical album of Paradime. Later, it helped Paradime to earn a huge number of awards and nominations. After that, Paradime released his first full length LP, '11 Steps Down'. Here, he put his sternest efforts. As this album also became super hit, copies of this album sold millions. He even composed many hit songs such as -'Cowboy', 'Forever', 'Cocky' and 'Hillbilly Stomp'. All of them became very popular. His latest album, 'Spill At Will' was released on 29th July of 2007 '. It also became a massive hit. Still now, the copies of those albums have a high demand.

Throughout his entire career, Paradime has received numerous awards. In 2001, he was nominated as the best 'Hip Hop Artist' of urban, funk and hip hop in the 'Detroit Music Awards'. In 2002, he again bagged the same award. In the next year, he released a street album, 'Fuck Ya Life'. But, it was released in the United Kingdom only. One of his albums, 'Stale Brew' was released in three volumes. It also became a super hit. He has an unparallel voice that can never be compared with any other singer. It is his voice that wins the hearts of the people irrespective of child, youth and aged. After going through this article, hope you have become interested to attend a concert of Paradime. Therefore, all you need is just a ticket. Collect that from the Online Seats before the stocks are sold out.
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