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Parachute wants to popular. To be a little more specific, Parachute wants to create music that is popular, that is requested on the radio, and that will bring fans to the concerts with tickets in hand to unabashedly sing along with the blue-eyed soul.

The Parachute band mates include singer, guitarist and keyboardist Will Anderson; drummer Johnny Stubblefield; bassist Alex Hargrave; saxophonist, keyboardists, and singer Kit French; and guitarist and singer Nate MacFarland.

The group met through a variety of avenues, but the main one is the town Charlottesville, Virgina where the band went to college. The members of Parachute felt lucky to attend a college and live in a town that had so many different types of musical influences freely flowing throughout the campus.

The group came out strong after graduating and started by embracing that desire to be liked. Parachute wants their fans to come from all over and be able to relate to and enjoy their particular brand of blue-eyed soul and adult contemporary.
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Others certainly thought the public would. Nivea used their songs She is Love and Under Control for their national spots and bands like 3 Doors Down, Kelly Clarkson, and Secondhand Serenade have asked the group to join them on tickets for concerts on national tours.

Parachute's debut album Losing Sleep has proven to have found a place in the musical landscape as well, peaking at number 40 on the Billboard 200. The group is currently o a tour schedule to promote the new album and hope to rise to the top of the charts with their music that seems to have struck a chord with a growing audience.

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