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For the highly charged heads, which need a stronger octave to get the headbangs going, Panic Channel is on for a gig. The tickets counters are the place you ought to be right now. So before they are history, be a part of it.
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The Panic Channel was formed with the third and final split of Jane's Addiction in 2004. They are based in Los Angeles, California. The band members are Dave Navarro as the guitarist, the bassist Chris Chaney, and drummer Stephen Perkins, the former Jane's Addiction trio while Steve Isaacs from Skycycle is the lead vocalist and guitarist as well. The addition of a vocalist who has a totally different style than his mates has given them a right blend of variety which is more streamlined and melodic. The band's name Panic Channel is a reference to the panic aired into the innocent minds and also it's a reference to their idea of channeling of the volatile energy into a creative force called music.

The band's debut album, (ONe), was released on August 15, 2006 on Capitol Records. The albums name is said to be inspired by the feeling of oneness felt by the band and also it's a way to tell the world that they are ON now, ready to take their music around. The songs in the album range from the heavy "Why Cry" to the gruelling but rhythmic "Bloody Mary" and the climax is a solo by Steve "Lie Next to Me". Each member in the group has a very thoroughly experienced musical past, and the album makes a sincere confession of their musical genius.

The formation of a band was never the reason that brought the members together rather it was a casual gig session. The vocalist Steve was a long time acquaintance of Dave and once out of the blue Dave asked Steve come over for a jam. They started jamming one song after another and soon it, we gel so well, arrh, why shouldn't we join together and out came the Panic Channel. The song "Bloody Mary" is written by Steve but the inspiration for the song was Navarro, whose struggle with drugs and his drug dealer Mary forms the plot of the song. The band has certainly acquired an entirely new sound, which is an accomplishment.

The Panic Channel are a dedicated bunch who take their music seriously, but this doesn't mean that they don't have anything else on their minds. Navarro manages his radio station called Spread Radio and hosts "Rock Star," which is devoted to draw out new talents. On the show every month he selects five unsigned bands and the listeners decide upon the better ones. The winner is made the SRL Indie Artist of the month. He's also with Camp Freddy, his part-time band with Chaney. Isaac works as the web designer for the band's web page and the web site displays his talent and creativity.

The Panic Channel's North American tour has been a success, their first opening for Rockstar: Supernova showcased the new touring bass guitarist, Siggy Sjursen from Powerman 5000. Chris Chaney couldn't make it because of family obligations and has left the band for the time being. They are soon going to in a place close to you. The show would be an excuse to go banging, I mean headbanging but tickets they would be needed.
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