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Adrenaline rush is a pure form of high that one experiences naturally, but it needs a cause and a reason to start. Okie, here is a reason, the Hardcore punk rock band, 'Paint It Black' are coming to town. Now , the big thing is getting the tickets. So what are you waiting for, the old 'manna' days are over and the tickets are to be up the counters. Do it Yourself.
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The band is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and features current and ex-members of Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, and Good Riddance and have toured with the likes of Anti-Flag, The Explosion, Strike Anywhere, Cave In and From Ashes Rise. Dan Yamin is the band's vocalist and songwriter, however, he is well-known as a guitarist as well. While the drums under David Wagenshutz, who has quit the band in 2006 and since then the band is touring with Jared Shavelson of 'The Hope Conspiracy'. The other two members are bassist Andy Nelson and guitarist Josh Agran. The band has taken its name from a song by Rolling Stone.

The band started off initially with compilations, the first one being 'Location Is Everything, Vol. 1' which featured "Another Beautiful 'Fuck You' Song!", later it was also released as "Bravo, Another Beautiful 'Fuck You' Song" on CVA in 2004. The same year 'The Philadelphia Sound' was released, it consisted "The Pharmacist" and 'An Hour And A Half Late For Happy Hour'. On April 20, 2004 the band released 'Location Is Everything, Vol.2'. The band released their first album CVA (2003) on Jade Tree, it features 17 songs which last well under 20 minutes. The songs are cleverly minced with puns,confounding song titles and Yamin wit. There are songs even about bands breaking up and its an absolute fact that these songs will surely be among the hardcore rock classics. This debut album strengthened the band's standing as hardcore punk band in the music scene. Came 2005, and out came the best from the 'Paint It Black' camp, Paradise. This album gained the goodies for its superb melody and speed pelted out with precision and passion. Paradise is a fantastic album of catchy, and frantic hardcore music graced with speed renouncing the sloppy rides. Its Dan Yemin's vocal stylings which nicely compliment the sound. It is essentially the variety combo which jabs this album with its uniqueness. The 'Ghosts' and 'Panic' have a heavy sound while "Atheists in Foxholes" has jazzy feel to it. The staccato breakdown in "Burn the Hive" or thrash approach of "Labor Day" are a lot heavier. 'Paradise' emits that first love feeling for punk with its speed, rebellion and the melody. The album was rated among the best albums of 2005.

Paint it Black has its political agenda which is laudable, however, on personal front its Yemin's personal journey that is most interesting. Even his health played an integral part in Paint It Black's emergence and his political views guide the band's agenda, one can also find the shades of his divorce in the songs. The band embodies a fierce hardcore bravado which reminds one of the youth crew/Uniform Choice and a clear political upfront. Though this doesn't result in a revolution but it stays in the orthodox punk style. The band raises issues about America, body-conciousness, obsessiveness, classism and racism and even issues related to finance and resource.

Paint It Black would be playing, come and be a part of it. The tickets are available at the outlets.
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