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It's time to get your tickets to see one of the most legendary bands of a generation, a band that took a break for twenty years only to come back bigger and better than ever- it's time to get your tickets to see Pablo Cruise live in concert. Hailed by many as being the definitive pop band of the late seventies and early eighties, Pablo Cruise has come back with a bang and shown that their brand of music doesn't die out over time, it just gets better and better.

Pablo Cruise hit the music scene way back in 1973 in San Francisco California. The band consisted of Cory Lerios on keyboards and vocals, Bud Cockrell on bass and vocals, Steve Price on drums and Dave Jenkins on guitar and vocals. The band hit it big with singles like 'Cool Love', 'Whatcha Gonna Do' and 'Love Will Find a Way'. The name of the band was supposed to be a coming together of two opposites- Pablo represented an honest, down to earth individual while Cruise represented one that was more upbeat and fun loving. The fusion of these two elements is what is represented in the band's music and their philosophy.

From 1975 to 1985 Pablo Cruise was the band of the moment, touring all around the world and inviting fans to come aboard the Good Old Ship Pablo Cruise. They have the distinction of being the first rock band to play the Casino Showroom and The Grand Old Opry. After seven albums, a handful of national tours and the chill of the New wave biting on their heels, Pablo Cruise hit the pause button for the next twenty years.
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Jun 14 Thu 7:30 PM Pablo Cruise San Mateo County Fair
San Mateo, CA
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During that time many of the members went solo and gained widespread acclaim for their work. The band would only come together again in 2004 when Price announced his marriage and that the gift he wanted to give his wife was a Pablo Cruise concert. That concert would mark the rebirth of Pablo Cruise and the members soon found out that they all wanted to get the band back on the groove again. After finding a new bass player, the band is all set to take the world by storm again and is making plans to hit the studios again soon.

Don't miss your chance to see this legendary pop band be reborn on a stage near you- contact your online ticket vendor to find out how you can score tickets to see Pablo Cruise live in concert.

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