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Owl City is the synth pop project undertaken by Adam Young. It began five years ago in his parents’ basement and has blossomed into a full time job that has resulted in a life in his own home working in his studio and a good part of the year spent on the road as a celebrated indie club DJ. Not bad for a kid from Minnesota. Owl City tickets currently serve as entry to enjoy the Midsummer Station World Tour.

The Midsummer Station World Tour takes the name of the latest album from the indietronica producer. As always, this part-EDM album is a pop album for the good times, as his collaboration with Carly Rae Jepsen would suggest. Overall this is another album that reminds his listeners and critics of Postal Service, if they had every released more than one album. This comparison has been as much a credit to his work among fans as a detriment for some critics who have described his work as derivative. Owl City chooses to believe he is simply the next stage of the Postal Service, one with the same ambient tendencies, but one openly trying to include some of the best and least controversial parts of his Christian faith into a major record.

Adam Young takes this latest splash of good cheer and uptempo dance-friendly beats on the road with a little help. Moving from the recording studio to the stage requires a little instrumental support. Currently Breanne Duren sings a little in the background add plays the keys. Daniel Jorgenson is the general string instrument specialist, playing the guitar, vibraphone, and bass guitar. Jasper Nephew has the best name of the touring quartet and plays guitar. Steve Goold is the drummer providing the upbeat demeanor.

Owl City needs these players to bring hits like “Fireflies” to life and to make the performance something more than a man and his laptop perched atop a balcony. The Midsummer Station tour is winding down, so those hoping for Owl City concert tickets best find a show nearby, lest they want to wait for the next album to emerge from his magical studio.

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