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Representing the ATL, Outkast were amongst the first groups to bring national attention to the flourishing southern hip-hop scene. Dre and Big Boi craft some of the most progressive and original tracks around, pairing intricate, highly musical production with articulate lyricism. Backed by Organized Noize's studio wizardry, the group's colorful, thickly accented descriptions of southern life transcend regional boundaries and strike a global chord. Their first album, Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik (1994), swiftly went platinum on the strength of their huge hit 'Player's Ball.' Subsequent albums have shown a rapidly evolving style that incorporates wide-ranging influences and Dre's experiments with more abstract prose. Their fourth LP, Stankonia propelled them to superstar status, thanks to addictive singles like 'Ms. Jackson,' 'B.O.B.,' and 'So Fresh, So Clean.' Unlike many crews who come out strong only to buckle under the double-edged sword of commercial success, Outkast continue to grow and improve with each release.

They brought you Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, Platinum. Then they brought you ATLiens, Platinum plus. Now Big Boi and Dre, the player and the poet, bring you their highly anticipated third album, Aquemini, destined at least Double Platinum.

OutKast consistently provides superb lyrics laced over bumpin tracks which have earned them platinum albums, #1 hit singles, awards, and respect in the world of rap. In 1994 the duo entered the hip hop scene with the Organized Noize (TLC, EnVogue, Goodie Mob) produced platinum album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik. It debuted at #3 on the R&B Billboard Chart, received a 4.5 mic rating (out of 5) from The Source Magazine, and the group received a Source Award for Best New Group or Duo. The album's first single, 'Player's Ball', went gold in a matter of weeks, holding down the #1 spot on the Billboard Rap Chart for over six consecutive weeks. In short, OutKast made the industry stop and respect that rap can flow from the dirty south.
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OutKast came right back with their sophomore album, ATLiens, which sold 1.5 million units. ATLiens reached platinum status within a few weeks of its release when it entered the Billboard Top 200 at #2 (directly behind Pearl Jam). The album, also produced by ONP, marked the very impressive production debut by Big Boi and Dre who crafted the first release off ATLiens, 'Elevators.' The single stayed at #1 for weeks, reached platinum status, and had hip hop heads across the nation chanting 'Me & you, your momma and your cousin too, rollin down the strip on vogues, comin up slammin cadillac doors.'

This time Big Boi and Dre have taken their craft to an even higher level producing 9 out 14 tracks on Aquemini. 'It's all about growing,' Big Boi explains why they took their project in their own hands. 'We started producing on the second album and felt like people appreciated what we were doin' so we had to crank it up on this one.' And crank it up they do. Aquemini takes you on a hip-hop, street, spiritual, and musical journey. There is something for everyone on this album which is confirmed by the variety of guests who appear on the album: Erykah Badu, George Clinton, Raekwon from the WuTang Clan, and Goodie Mob, just to name a few.

OutKast's blend of gritty Southern soul, fluid raps, and the rolling G-funk of their Organized Noize production crew epitomized the Atlanta wing of hip-hop's rising force, the Dirty South, during the late '90s. Along with Goodie Mob, OutKast took Southern hip-hop in bold, innovative new directions: less reliance on aggression, more positivity and melody, thicker arrangements, and intricate lyrics. After Dre and Big Boi hit number one on the rap charts with their first single, 'Player's Ball,' the duo embarked on a run of platinum albums spiked with several hit singles, enjoying numerous critical accolades in addition to their commercial success.
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