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OTEP has emerged as a quintessential nu metal band. The group has come along way from the initial meeting of lead singer Otep Shamaya and "Evil" J. McGuire. The group as become a force with their powerful songs with lyrics written by Shamaya and music composed by McGuire.

Their collaboration has made them the only two consistent members of the group. Currently the lead singer and bassist are playing with Aaron Nordstrom and Brain "Haggis" Wolf in a rare period of stability. OTEP's revolving door of musicians has not been the only challenge for the group. The band has survived and thrived in a music genre in which female lead singers are few and even more rarely are accepted. OTEP has fought hard to overcome all its obstacles and now sells tickets as a headliner.

OTEP's original two members met in Illinois in the fall of 2000. After playing in local clubs the group played before a crowd that included Sharon Osbourne. The legendary wife/manager of Ozzy was so impressed that she gave them a spot on the Ozzfest tour in 2001. The only problem was that OTEP was unsigned.
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Several showcases later, the group was playing under the Capitol Records label, solving the issue before the vaunted summer rock tour. OTEP has returned to the play on the tour where they really got their start in 2002 and 2004. Between their heavy schedule of tours and concerts the group has released three full-length albums.

OTEP is currently touring to promote the latest of those albums, the_Ascension. The short summer tour hits the West Coast on July 29 in Reno and ends on August 7 in San Francisco. Also known as the Circus of Democracy tour, OTEP will headline the eight concert schedule with Droid and Anew Revolution as support. Online Seats will have OTEP tickets for the entire tour at the cheapest prices around.
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