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Opeth was formed in Stockholm in the year 1990, by the guitarists Peter Lindergren and Mikael Akerfeldt. Their brand of Swedish Death metal gave them an acoustic instrumentation and influences. Their songs were very original and had the lasting effect on the audiences. The band believed in free style singing which also reflected in their songs. Their music was not a consistent one as it used to flow in different directions, showing their versatility. The band came into limelight when they signed a record deal with Candle Records in 1995, and came out with their first debut full- length album titled "Orchid". A small part of the album featured Johan de Farfalla on bass and Anders Nordin on drums.

Later in 1996 the band's second album "Morningrise" which was produced by Dan Swano brought storming effect amongst the audiences nationally as well as internationally. The group also went for a small tour with Morbid Angel soon after the release of their second album. Opeth gained media attention instantly after the release of their albums. Century Media licensed Opeth's first two albums and also passed a plan for their next release of album on both sides of the Atlantic. The band's third album "My Arms" came up with the replacement of de Farfalla and Nordin with Martin Mendez as bassist and Martin Lopez on drums. The group received positive reviews from around the world for this album which was released in 1998.
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"Still Life" released in 1999 showcases band's rock influences followed by their first U.S concert the same year at the Metal fest Blackwater Park. But their 2001 release which was titled after a Psychedelic outfit from the 70's was incomparable from the rest. The album had a spark of sensational music that stormed the crowd all over the nation. With all the success in hand, Opeth released yet another album '"Deliverance" in the year 2002, which again touched the top music charts.


Orchid [1995]

Morningrise [1997]

My Arms [1998]

Your Hearse [1998 ]

Still Life [1999]

Blackwater Park [2001]

Deliverance [2002]

Damnation [2003]
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