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Oasis fittingly had its beginnings in conflict. In 1991 in Manchester the group The Rain was looking for a replacement at lead singer. Drummer Tony McCarroll, bassist Paul McGuigan, xylophonist Warren MacKenzie, and guitarist Paul Arthurs were simply not happy with Chris Hutton as the frontman. They let Liam Gallagher audition and altered the direction the group completely that day, starting with the name, which changed to Oasis. The road would take some time, but eventually Oasis would be transformed from a band whose best song was a cover of "Wild Thing" to a super group that sold tickets around the world for an entire decade.

Liam Gallagher was the first change. With Liam came Noel. The older brother had seen the newly minted Oasis play and was not terribly impressed with their sound. He did see a chance to have his songs performed. He joined the group, leaving his job as a roadie for Inspiral Carpets. With his lyrical direction and his guitar the group began to spend the next year breaking down their sound until the stripped down band became a pure rock sensation.

In 1993 Oasis barged into King Tut's Wah Wah Hut club in Glasgow and made their way on the satge first, despite not even being o the set list. The record executive in the crowd, Alan McGee, signed the group to his label, Creation Records. Oasis, now armed with a record contract, recorded their first album, Definitely Maybe, and released it in August 1994. The album topped the charts in the UK and had a decent showing in the U.S. The group released five singles form the album, with success varying in different countries or different songs.

Oasis crossed over the Atlantic after selling out concert tickets in the UK. This trip to the U.S. also exposed the world to the first evidence of the instability of the group. In Los Angeles Liam, under the influence of meth, insulted the American audience and attacked his brother on stage with a tambourine. Noel was prepared to leave, but was talked into staying and Oasis continued on the touring schedule.

The end of the first album also marked the first of many changes to the lineup. The Gallgher brothers doubted drummer Tony McCarroll's ability to play the songs in line of the next album and jettisoned him from the group. With Alan White on board as drummer Oasis recorded (What's the Story) Morning Glory? The album became an undeniable international hit. It peaked at number one on the UK charts and reached number four in the U.S. The success was so great that they began to headline outdoor concerts so the label could sell more Oasis tickets.
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In 1996 they played back-to-back shows at Knebworth before 375,000 people. In all 2.5 million people applied for the Oasis concert tickets, meaning that the group could have potentially played 53 sold out shows. The success was followed, as the pattern was, by squabbling between Liam and Noel. The conflict led to the recording of a third album, Be Here Now, that started out strong with sales fueled by anticipation, but ended in underwhelming sales for the band after critics and fans alike were disappointed by the over-produced sound that ran directly against the Oasis trademark sound.

The fall of the band lead to the leaving of the remaining original members of the band. Liam and Noel Gallagher were now the only two creative forces still present from Oasis' beginning. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants (2000) and Heathen Chemistry (2005) again placed well on the charts, reaching number one again in the UK and landing in the Top 40 in the U.S. Ultimately, the albums were characteristic of a time where Oasis was transitioning into a new skin to fit the new lineup of Liam and Noel Gallagher, guitarist Gem Archer, bassist Andy Bell, and drummer Zak Starkey where all the members have involvement in the songwriting.

Oasis returned to popularity with Dig Out Your Soul. The album reached number 12 on the U.S. charts after again taking number one in the UK, and re-invigorated their fans to purchase Oasis tickets and albums. The band is releasing its new album, Dig Out Your Soul, but will tour before then to promote their singles.

The latest tour is scheduled for a nine-city concert tour starting in Seattle on August 26 and ending in London, Ontario on September 9. Online Seats will have tickets to all these highly anticipated shows, which also have Ryan Adams supporting the super group. Check out all the concert information at our web site and complete your purchase of Oasis tickets online or over the phone with our helpful ticket representatives. The Britpop kings shows will not be available for long so hurry and check out Online Seats.
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