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North Mississippi Allstars is a popular blues rock and jam band originally from Hernando, Mississippi. The band comprises of two brothers Luther Dickinson who is on guitar and vocals, and Cody Dickinson on the drums. Also in the band are Chris Chew who is an electric bass guitar exponent, and Duwayne Burnside. Duwayne is the son of the country blue's legend R. L. Burnside.
The bands latest album, by the name of Electric Blue Watermelon, was released last year on September 6, 2005.

The North Mississippi Allstars was founded in the year 1996, coming into existence as a product of a special time of the modern Mississippi country blues. During this time RL Burnside, Otha Turner and Jr. Kimbrough and their musical class was at their peak.

The Brothers Luther and Cody Dickinson absorbed up the music of their father, Jim Dickinson, and also soaked the North Mississippi Blues legacy when they used to play and shake at the juke joints with their original blues ancestors. Eventually Luther and Cody joined up with famous bassist Chris Chew to form their core band, and named it The North Mississippi Allstars. Through the straining of generations of Mississippi Blues men, this new Allstars invented and innovated their own blue infused rock and roll and still continue to do so.
The band debuted with the release of their record, "Shake Hands with Shorty"; this album was nominated for the Grammy's for "Best Contemporary Blues Album". Bringing together their country blues which is infused with rock & roll and then is packed to stages all over the country and round the globe (like multiple tours in the Europe and Asia). This has made Allstars quickly gain a very loyal fan base. They have to date released six full-length albums. Also to mention the bands' third record, Phantom Record received a Grammy nomination.

Their latest release Electric Blue Watermelon, is their third album to receive a Grammy nomination, and as always embodies the Allstars' own sound. The album reflects the band's old times and their lives budding as future musicians in their musical community in North Mississippi. In the words of Luther Dickinson "Electric Blue Watermelon celebrates the lives and legends of men who are folk heroes in my community. If the traditions are passed down and kept alive, they can't help but mutate and change."

As always this album is a certain departure from the blues tradition, but it is a record that builds up on the past and then slides into the future. So all you people who want to listen to blues served in a new and jazzier flavor, don't miss this for anything. Bookings open now.
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