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Noel Gallagher is a famous song composer, guitarist and occasional vocalist. Presently, he is associated with the Manchester based rock band, 'Oasis'.
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Noel Thomas David Gallagher is a renowned rock singer of United Kingdom. He was born on 29th May, 1967 at Manchester city in England.

Gallagher belonged to an Irish family. He was the second child of his parents. Destiny compelled Noel to pass his childhood in severe distress. In his childhood days, Gallagher dreamed to be a rock singer in future as he was influenced much by the rock hits of 'The Smiths'.

In May 1988, Gallagher met with Graham Lambert, a guitarist of 'Inspiral Carpets', during their 'Stone Roses' show. Lambert selected him as a regular performer of 'Inspiral Carpets'. Even, he went to America to perform in a show along with this band in 1992. In the same year, he joined 'Oasis' as a composer. Actually, he got the opportunity to become a member of 'Oasis' at the behest of his younger brother, Liam Gallagher, who was the lead vocalist of that band. But it was due to his dexterity that he gradually became the lead figure in 'Oasis'. During 1990s, Gallagher was the central figure of the Britpop movement. At that time, 'Oasis' achieved enormous success. Within a very short time, he earned the title, 'The Chief' for his mastery over the band. Do hurry to get the tickets of his concert from Online Seats.

'Oasis' released its first single, 'Supersonic' on 11th April of 1994. It broke all previous records of 'Oasis'. This album sold millions. 'Oasis' got rapid success through his immortal creations. In 1995, 'Oasis' released Noel's another hit, 'Some Might Say'. He also released an album, 'What's the Story-Morning Glory' in the same year. This album achieved huge success and its copies sold millions again. It even ranked fourth in the 'Billboard Top 200 Chart'. 'Morning Glory' put Noel in the pinnacle of success. After that, 'Oasis' released Noel's another hit, 'Don't Look Back in Anger'.

In 1996, Gallagher performed as a lead vocalist of 'Oasis' at MTV program, 'Unplugged'. 'Let Forever Be', 'The Knock-On Effect from the Be There' and 'Help!' were released in 1999. All of them were super hit. In 2000, 'Same Old Blues' was sung by him which became bumper hit. In the following years, he released a number of hits, such as 'Spectral Mornings' in 2002, 'One X One' in 2003, 'Some Weekend Night', 'Shoot Down', 'Free Love Freeway' and 'Keep What Ya Got' were released in 2004. All of them were super hits.

Apart from that, he made a large number of pop-hits. They are 'Shakermaker', 'Live Forever', 'Cigarettes & Alcohol', 'Whatever', 'Some Might Say', 'Roll With It', 'Champagne Supernova', 'D'You Know What I Mean?', 'Stand By Me', 'All Around the World', 'Don't Go Away', 'Go Let It Out' and 'Stop Crying Your Heart Out' etc. It was the 'Valentine's Day' of 2007, when Gallagher joined the rest of 'Oasis' to collect the 'Outstanding Contribution to Music Award' at the 'Brit Awards 2007'. If you are interested to listen Noel's concert, then buy the tickets from Online Seats as soon as possible.
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