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No Doubt has come a long way from being shut out by the grunge movement back in the early 1990s. The group has sold 27 million records, won two Grammy Awards, and launched the impressive solo career of lead singer Gwen Stefani. Before No Doubt tickets became popular in 1995 and before fight for the right for their upbeat ska-pop sound to get a chance on the radio, the group had to go through an incredible number of lineup changes.

The group began long ago in 1986 as Apple Core with a group of Dairy Queen employees. Gwen was the back up singer, Eric Stefani, her brother, was the keyboard player, and John Spence was the lead singer. The Anaheim, California group expanded to find musicians to give them a complete lineup. This included current bassist Tony Kanal. Within a year the group had a date to play before record industry execs at the Roxy Theatre. Tragically, Spence committed suicide days before the show. The future of No Doubt was put in jeopardy as the group disbanded, seemingly destined to see no concert tickets or sign any label.

No Doubt reconvened a few weeks later with a new lead singer, Alan Meade. Meade soon left and the group finally handed the mic to Gwen. The rest of the group came together in the next two years. In 1988 guitarist Tom Dumont left a group with his sister and in 1989 drummer Adrian Young joined No Doubt. The group, infused with energy thanks to Gwen's voice and the completely rehabbed band personnel, was easily able to sell concert tickets and Tony Fergussen from Interscope Records took notice in 1990.

Two years later the No Doubt released a self-titled album, but the timing could not be worse. The upbeat sound clashed with the grunge music that was taking over the music scene. A commercial failure at record stores, No Doubt embarked on a national tour to try and sell tickets and increase awareness for their album. Only in Southern California did the group draw audiences though.

No Doubt returned to the studio and found most their material rejected. Eric Stefani was already beginning to withdraw from the group on the tour and left the group to work on the animated television series The Simpsons. There was much doubt over what to do with the group, so the label passed the band on to Trauma Records in 1995. The group began to incorporate some grunge and punk rock into their sound and the album Tragic Kingdom was the result. The album itself dealt with the break up of Gwen and Kanal.
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The album sold in simply incredible numbers. The album would end up going diamond thanks to the buzz created by strong radio play for singles like Just a Girl, Spiderwebs, and Don't Speak. A 27-month international tour followed in 2006 and the sale of No Doubt tickets seemed to be a sign that the grunge phenomenon was officially over. The album nominated for the Best New Artist and the Best Rock Album awards at the 1997 Grammys and half the records tracks were hit singles.

No Doubt's success created a lawsuit between Trauma and Interscope Records. The group's success also led to work on movies, tribute albums, and the start of Gwen's departure from the band. She sang on tracks for acts like the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Prince, and Fishbone and became a celebrity sensation thanks to her relationship with Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale. The next album from No Doubt would by Return of Saturn in 2000. The follow up went in a darker direction. Critics appreciated the growth of the group, but fans stayed away, failing to purchase albums or concert tickets.

Fifteen months later the group returned with Rock Steady. This time No Doubt incorporated Jamaican dancehall music. This time the album was a smashing Grammy-nominated success. Fans returned to the record store and with No Doubt tickets to catch the group live.

A singles compilation followed and a few recordings kept them relevant, but the band members started to move in different directions with personal projects and No Doubt took a break.

Though the bandmates would continue to work with each other apart from No Doubt, the group would not reunite until four years later in 2008. Gwen Stefani was selling tickets to her solo project, but the group began to play together again. Her pregnancy furthered delayed the return of the band, but now No Doubt is ready to sell tickets and tour the world again. The 2009 summer tour will take them to 45 dates with Paramore, The Sounds, Janelle Monae, and Bedouin Soundclash. A new album is expected in 2010.

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