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Nile is a metal band and were formed in 1993. The band's lineup consists of guitarist and vocalist Karl Sanders , drummer Pete Hammoura, and bassist and vocalist Chief Spires. The band studied every detail and built their strategy before they hit the mainstream. The band released their single demo in 1994 and made appearances in some popular musical festivals. While recording their new album they played a number of shows and concerts in the Southeastern US and supporting established acts like DEICIDE, OBITUARY, SIX FEET UNDER, and BROKEN HOPE. Their performances helped the band build a respectable fan base.

Nile are based in South Carolina and their scintillating music is inspired by subjects like History, religion, Ancient Egyptian mysticism and art. Their music is mostly written by the founding member and guitarist Karl Sanders. In an effort to create their own sound the band blends elements of Middle Eastern music with traditional death metal, and also incorporates the sounds of traditional Egyptian instruments. Their music is unique in itself and is characterized by its speed and extreme complexity. The band are also a favorite among the critics and music journalists.
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The lyrics of their songs are based on ancient Middle Eastern cultures and Egyptology. Some well composed fusions can be seen heard in albums like: Annihilation of the Wicked, Black Seeds of Vengeance, and In Their Darkened Shrines. The band's founder Karl has also issued a solo album titled "Saurian Meditation." because of their association with Egyptian culture through their music, many of their fans think that the band-members are Egyptian but none of them actually are. To experience their music live all you have to do is contact your on-line ticket vendor and collect your tickets.


Annihilation of the Wicked – 2005
In Their Darkened Shrines – 2002
Black Seeds of Vengeance – 2000
Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka – 1998
Festivals of Atonement (EP) - 1995
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