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Nikka Costa is a well known artist in the music industry. Born and brought up in June 4,1972, she was a born talent. Infact getting into the musical industry was no big deal for this supernova artist. Her childhood has always been surrounded by some or the other influential social circles. Being the daughter of the popular arranger/producer Don Costa and the goddaughter of Frank Sinatra, the young girl did not have to struggle much for establishing a base for herself. Her very first performance happened when she was just five years old at the opening of Don Ho. He talent was mind blowing when she performed in front of 300,000 Police fans in Chile. Nikka got an overwhelming response from everybody present there.

Making trips to Los Angeles and Europe became frequent. She was a kind of artist who maintained a well balanced life between her childhood and her musical career. "On My Own" was sung by her when she was just seven years old with the Don Costa Orchestra in Mian. It was during this time that she recorded several albums. These albums were released throughout Europe, Israel, Central and South America. The most interesting part was that all the albums went platinum, selling millions of copies in the market.
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May 24 Thu 8:00 PM Nikka Costa Yoshi's - Oakland
Oakland, CA
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The time when she reached her mid-twenties, she became of the fan favorite, and it was during this time that she signed a record deal with the Mushroom Records. Under this label Nikka released "Butterfly Rocket" an album which was released in the mid-90's. And not only this , the album even grabbed a nomination for the "Best New Artist" at the annual Australian Recording Industry Awards.

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Can'tneverdidnothin' (2005)
Everybody Got Their Something (2001)
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