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In the year 1999, he was ranked by Teen Scene Magazine the #1 on the list of "Hottest Under 21" and was also named as "The Biggest Teen Idol" by Teen People magazine. In the year 2000, he was also named one of People magazines "50 Most Beautiful People in the World". His popularity helped to shape the career of his brother Aaron who got the chance to tour with such legendary musicians such as Wil Heuser and KC and the Sunshine Band.
In the year 2002, Carter released a pop-rock solo album, "Now or Never". The album became smashing hit and it climbed #17 on Billboard 200 and was even certified Gold. The CosmoGirl Magazine poll conducted a poll among its readers, in 2002 and Carter was named as "The Sexiest Man in the World". He even got the chance to star in movies, starring opposite Kevin Zegers in the movie The Hollow, in the year 2004. Currently, Carter is touring with the Backstreet Boys, for the promotion of their new album known as "Never Gone". The first single was "Incomplete" and their second is "Just Want You To Know", the third one is: "I Still" and the fourth is "Crawling Back To You". The album became a huge hit and it has even debuted at #3 in the Billboard 200 and was even certified platinum. "Never Gone" broke the 80 million mark for albums that was sold worldwide. In the year 2005, they started touring Europe. In the year 2006, Carter along with his younger brother Aaron also appeared in the reality television show, House of Carters, that premiered on E!. Presently, he is also working on to release his second album. A list of albums released y Backstreet Boys, "Now or Never" released in the year 2002, that appeared on #17 US, was certified as Gold, also appeared on #9 ITA, Help Me (import) released in the year 2003, BEFORE The Backstreet Boys 1989-1993 released in the year 2002. The hit singles of the band are "Help Me", "Do I Have To Cry For You"", "I Got You", "Blow Your Mind" (Soundtrack of The Hollow).
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Nick Carter, full name is Nickolas Gene Carter who is the member of the most popular music band the Backstreet Boys. An American musician and pop singer, who has been named as the 50 Most Beautiful People in the list of People Magazine.
In the year 1990, when the Backstreet Boys became popular in Europe and the US, Carter became famous as he was the youngest one in the group, at that time he was only twelve years old. He became the heartthrob of not only of the group but also captured the fantasy of many female fans around the world. During tours, the Backstreet Boys used to play many instruments. Carter used to play the drums and the guitar. There are altogether 5 members in the group and Carter became the lead singer in the group, though each member got the chance to sing on each album.
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