Pittsburgh Penguins Tickets for Sale

The Pittsburgh Penguins have made triumphant history in the past as well as in 2009 when they brought in their third Stanley Cup. This team has had its ups and downs. Bad management, bad owners and a record of terrible draft pick. In the early days, when the Pittsburgh Penguins adorned in blue every time, they had a live penguin who was allowed to walk on the ice during the games. In 1984, the Pittsburgh Penguins were the worst team in the NHL, ranking last in the league. They faced much difficulty on ice and in the bookkeeping records between late 1990s and their 2004-’05 lockout barely getting into the playoffs. 

The Penguins filed for bankruptcy protection in the 2003-2004 season, one of their worst in franchise history. The team played absolutely terrible finish by far, finishing dead last in the entire league. After the lockout happened, things got better rapidly for the organization. They took the NHL by storm with the number one picks they acquired and developed to being a modern day NHL phenomenon, posting winning records and ultimately winning the Stanley Cup in 2009.However, the team earned their first pick in the entry draft, bringing in Mario Lemieux, the current co-owner and greatest player to ever fasten skates. Mario brought in 2 Stanley Cups to the city of Pittsburgh. Geeno Malkin, one of the best players in hockey brought Pittsburgh its third cup.

The Pittsburgh Penguins were anticipated to make some noise in the 2013 NHL Draft. While heading into the draft weekend, the club was having intricacies signing Kris Letang, the star defenseman, to a long term deal thereby creating speculation that the club might try to bring him in for a high draft pick. Ultimately, the Pittsburgh Penguins re-signed Letang. However, they did move forward Tyler Kennedy, another longtime member of this team to the San Jose Sharks for the second round pick. All said and done, the Pittsburgh Penguins emerged out of the 2013 NHL Draft with 6 new prospects.