Nashville Predators Tickets for Sale

Nashville Predators is a professional NHL ice hockey team that is based in Nashville, Tennessee. The team has earned a number of trophies in ice hockey competitions and is in a precarious state as they head into the upcoming NHL draft. This is after the team missed out in playoffs over this season. 


As a preparation for the upcoming season, the Nashville Predators are taking big steps in ensuring that they will consider taking in new faces to assist in building the team. In the upcoming season, the team will be expecting a play off and will use a strategy of combining goaltending and scoring. 

Rivalry with the Blues

Over the years, the team has build rivalry with The Blues and its fans are well prepared to support the team throughout the season. Major concern of The Predators in the upcoming season league is towards Blackhawks in the new Central Division. The trainers and front office of the Blackhawks can offer the Predators coaching and players. Nashville Predators are currently least concerned with Dallas in the upcoming 2013-2014 season.

Key Players

With respect to its top players, the Predators will keep Shea Weber for the season but not for his entire contract. The team is looking forward to keeping him for another four to five years and gives other drafted or signed talents time to mature. Such a talent is Seth Jones who can have a chance to fill the void that will be left behind by Shea Weber. On the other hand, Carter Hutton was signed into the team in order to give Pekka Rinne breaks whenever need be. Pekka Rinne is capable of winning a Stanley Cup when he has such support around him. During of seasons, the Predators took the opportunity to add supporting players for the team who can assist in Playoff runs.