Dallas Stars Tickets for Sale

Last year Dallas Stars finished 11th in the West! In this season they have much more expectations as they made the important 7 trade deal!They sent Loui Eriksson and three prospects to Boston in exchange for Sequin, Peverley and a defense prospect! They also signed the 39-year-old Gonchar! However it is unsure if Dallas Stars are better in this season than the last one!

-The star Player-

Jamie Benn is Dallas Star's best player by far! The 24-year-old player is the alternate captain of the team and the fans are expecting much from him! His appearances with the national team of Canada have raised the expectations! He has a little brother, named Jordie, who also plays in Stars!

-Playoff Expectations-

This season team has expectation to reach the playoff! However, there are doubts if they can achieve this goal and be the surprise in the division! Tyler Seguin will play a vital role for sure as he is known for his game changing ability! He and Jamie will be the most valuable parts of the team in attempt to reach the playoffs!

-The Coach-

Lindy Ruff is back from Buffalo and he will try to lead Dallas Stars in a successful season! We are looking forward to see him behind the bench

-The Question-

The question is about how many solution does Dallas Stars have in the bench! Especially in goalscoring they will have a major problem as apart from Jamie Benn there is no other player who can score easily! Moreover in the defence, Dallas Stars are going to have some problems too as there are not reliable solutions!


Dallas Stars are building a very strong team! However they need time to reach a decent level! In this season they would not be as much ready as is required for the playoffs! They will finish in the middle of the table , but they will try for the surprise until the end of the season! They will be a hard team to win as they will fight each game seperately!

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