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Formerly known as Joy Division, 'New Order' the English rock group makes , housewives and rock stars, spotty students as well as football hooligans all go crazy. It was formed in 1980 by the remaining members of Joy Division after the suicide of singer Ian Curtis. Present members are Bernard Sumner (vocals, guitars, synthesizers), Peter Hook (bass, electronic drums), Stephen Morris (drums, synthesizers), and Phil Cunningham (guitars, synthesizers). With their dark, cavernous sound and their use of synthesizers and electronics in 1980s they had become one of the most critically acclaimed band.

1. Movement, 1981
2. Power, Corruption & Lies, 1983
3. Low-Life,1 985
4. Brotherhood, 1986
5. Substance, 1987
6. Technique, 1989.
7. Republic, 1993
8. Get Ready, 2001
9. Waiting for the Sirens' Call and Singles, 2005

Honors and recognition:
1. In 1988 they got the Brit Award for Best Music video for True Faith.
2. In 19193 they were shortlisted for Mercury Music Prize for Republic.
3. In 2005 they got the NME God like Genius Award.
4. In 2005 they were inducted in UK Music Hall of Fame.
5. In 2006 they got the Ivor Novello Award for Outstanding Song Collection.
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The Band did not want to disappear from the musical scene after the suicide of Ian Curtis. He committed suicide just before an American tour and the release of the band's second album, in May 1980. After a lot of rehearsals and practice with the lyrics, Sumner was chosen as the vocalist, he could play the guitar while singing. A new phase for the band had begun. The group recorded a track with singer Kevin Hewick in June, then did a short American tour in September. Gillian Gilbert, Morris' girlfriend joined the band during the early part of October 1980, as keyboardist and guitarist.

Initially they released "Ceremony", backed with "In A Lonely Place" as the new band, New Order.

An interesting aspect of their formative years was that, they used democratic approach for lyric writing. Each member of the band wrote a line before passing it on to the next person. New Order made music for two BBC comedy-drama series. 'Making Out' which is the instrumental version of "Vanishing Point" from "Technique" and "New Horizons" is the theme to 'Common As Muck'. The vocal version of the song can be found on the second (and final) Other Two album "Superhighways". 'America's Most Wanted' original title track was composed by Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris for Fox Television. They also composed the soundtrack for the 2006 return of Robbie Coltrane's TV crime drama, Cracker.
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