New Kids on the Block Tickets for Sale

Even when boy bands of the past get together, the New Kids on the Block reign supreme! NKOTB is being joined on tour this summer by boy band past, Boyz II Men, and boy band future, 98 degrees, as the opening acts. Thus, these New Kids on the Block tickets will be part of a collaborative effort, dubbed the Package Tour.

Not only is NKOTB putting on live concerts again, but they also have a new album. The album, 10, came out in April 2013 and actually enjoyed some positive reviews from critics, who would normally write this album off as musical nonsense. The lone single from the effort, to date, is “Remix (I Like The)”.

The album is refreshingly not named after its number on the New Kids discography. This is only the sixth studio album from the quintet, whose lineup remains Jonathan Knight, Jordan Knight, Joey McIntyre, Danny Wood, and Donnie Wahlberg.

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New Kids on the Block origin is not purely manufactured or organic. Yes, it all began in the early 1980s when Maurice Starr sought to create a second boy band following his success with New Edition (who had fired him). Starr returned to his hometown of Boston and had an audition that drew hundreds of Boston boys. The lone kid to come out of this first audition was Donnie Wahlberg. This much was a part of a concerted effort to build a boy band.

Where NKOTB turns organic is in the addition of the rest of the band members. Donnie brought his brother Mark and best friend Danny Wood on board. The group then added former schoolmate Jordan Knight, who added his brother Jonathan. Mark Wahlberg left before the group began working on an album, creating an opening for Jamie Kelly, who was replaced by Starr’s second real hand-picked member, Joey McIntyre.

Now, most people forget, but the New Kids on the Block were not a bubble gum band. They tried this sound out on their debut album, but after it fell on deaf ears NKOTB returned to the recording studio and took creative control. The result was Hangin’ Tough, an album that won over a nation of pre-teen and teenage girls with songs like “Please Don’t Go Girl” and “You Got It (The Right Stuff)”.

The success of this second album led to a very well received Christmas album and the final multi-platinum recording from the group, Step by Step. Heavily merchandized and perhaps overplayed, the group’s demise in the early 1990s also coincided in a renewed interest in rock music, in this case grunge music. NKOTB, like New Edition moved away from Starr and a breakup soon followed in 1994.

This split lasted a dozen years, with each band member, even Mark, pursuing other interests, whether they would be real estate, solo careers, or acting. Eventually, after proving themselves as individuals, the guys, sans Mark, got back together in 2008. The have since toured with other boy bands, making NKOTB tickets quite an enjoyable trip down memory lane for their millions of fans.

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