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Never Shout Never is the musical endeavor of Christofer Ingle, a singer whose appearance shouts emo, whose music screams playful 1950s pop, and whose musical direction shrieks of a performer unsure and indefinable at the current moment. Never Shout Never tickets are concert tickets for a show with Ingle up front and center with a guitar, microphone, and occasionally a ukulele and his backing band, the Shout, behind providing the proper wall of musical noise to complete a modern indie outfit.

Ingle's musical journey has not been one blessed with ultra supportive parents, the label of musical prodigy, or the advantage of happening to have a family friend in the business. No, he quit high school to the ire of his parents and the backlash of those who knew him in Joplin, Missouri. Sometimes critics have been tempted to label him as a little city singer because of the seeming innocence of his lyrics. Born on February 11, 1991, it is equally simplistic to label him a young singer just learning the ways of the world. Never Shout Never is none of these things though.

Undeniably indie and emo, Never Shout Never delivers a music influenced by an appreciation for the pop sound of a more naïve time with playful lyrics. The band, the man, is simply poking fun.

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His debut album, What is Love?, came out at the beginning of 2010 and debuted at number 24 on the Billboard 200. Though it could not hold the position or immediately take over the world with a label certification, it did mean Ingle and Never Shout Never had a future. Nearing the polar opposite end of 2010, the sophomore album, Harmony, debuted at an even more promising number 14.

Never Shout Never is touring the country promoting the new album, so find your Never Shout Never tickets for cheap from OnlineSeats and see this singer in person as he confounds critics and entertains audiences.

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