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N.E.R.D.'s first album "In Search of" was released in 2001 in Europe. However, wanting to differentiate N.E.R.D. from "The Neptunes", they re-recorded their album with "Spymob" and released it worldwide in 2002. The only time the album saw success was when it was #56 in the Billboard pop albums charts. It was back to the recording studio to begin work on their next album. "Fly or Die" was born to pick up from where "In search Of' left off. Unlike the previous album, they play the instruments in "Fly or Die", a talent unknown to many. Lenny Kravitz was called to help them on the track "Maybe". This song received a lot of airplay in Vh1's Soul. In addition, Joel and Benji Madden of "Good Charlotte" also assisted N.E.R.D. on the track "Jump" as the band wanted to target young Rock fans. From this pile, "She wants to Move" has been in the Top 10 charts in both sides of the Atlantic.
"I think we learned a lot from the first album and we've opened up more here," explains Chad. "I think we're going places we haven't gone before."

Their second album, wasn't the success they hoped. They took a lot of risks and in the process created a lot of new sounds. In the process they did not achieve the audience they wanted. The album deals in various subjects like child-parent relationships, ecological reveries and political protest songs. N.E.R.D.'s frontman, Pharrell Williams is engaging, stylish and his image and performances are brimming charisma. Chad and Shay also manage to shine individually in N.E.R.D. Performances. To keep the album accessible to fans of all age groups, they released some units where the curses are bleeped.

"It's still a pretty terrific listen and one of the most adventurous, intriguing hip-hop albums in a long, long time." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide.
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Before N.E.R.D. came into the forefront, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo as trendy, influential producers "The Neptunes", sold concert tickets and records for their A-list clients. As "The Neptunes" they produced albums that sold millions for popstars, rappers, crooners and teen bands. Shay, a childhood friend of theirs joined and collectively they formed N.E.R.D (Pronounced en ee are dee). N.E.R.D. stands for "No one ever really dies".

Despite not winning too much acclaim for N.E.R.D. albums their relevance and impact as producers for multi-platinum winning artists is undeniable and unquestioned. Their success is not limited to North America alone. N.E.R.D. appeared at the T In The Park and the V Festivals, in England besides performing in other European capitals. Their fame as Producers and entertainers have reached to the far corners of the world with screaming fans wherever they perform live for their audiences.

Music lovers who want to hear good music and want to be taken for an entertainment ride by these bona fide entertainers must buy tickets for their upcoming tours. Despite recent flak, fans will definitely Fly or die in anticipation of their next album.
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